An In-depth Look at GUIDEcx’s Resource Management Feature

May 12, 2022
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For many businesses, resource management is quickly becoming one of the most important factors to consider in business optimization. As your company grows and takes on new staff, clients, projects, and resources, you may need to adjust much of what you do in order to accommodate these new changes.

Managing your resources well is important to more than just preventing resource misallocation. Investing in resource management can save time, money, and even relationships with your customers and team members. Luckily, with GUIDEcx’s resource management feature, making this investment is easy and automatic. By upgrading your business to GUIDEcx’s resource management features, you will be able to leverage tools—including capacity planning, task assigning, budget allocation, and project accessibility—to achieve the following:

  • Increase revenue
  • Create trust
  • Form lasting relationships with customers and team members

Let’s look at why and how GUIDEcx’s new resource management feature can make these changes possible.

Why did we create a resource management feature?

With all of GUIDEcx’s useful project management and client onboarding tools, you may wonder why we chose to create a resource management feature. Resource management is becoming an essential part of business operations, especially in client onboarding. As business leaders are able to manage their resources well, they can better meet the challenges of their business—and helping businesses overcome challenges is what GUIDEcx is all about. 

Here are some of the reasons why we created a resource management feature for our customers:

  • To create trust with clients. Building relationships with your customers is essential to the success of your business. Transparency is a key way to accomplish this. Through our resource management feature, your customers will be able to see where their resources are being allocated and understand the efforts you are making to achieve your common goals.
  • To counter customer churn. GUIDEcx exists to help you retain customers. With the resource management feature, you are better able to allocate the right people to the right onboarding projects. This, in turn, means those projects will ultimately be completed sooner and smoother.
  • To save money. Resource management is difficult if you aren’t aware of the way your resources are currently being used. With GUIDEcx’s resource management feature, you’ll know how to adjust your resource allocation more accurately. By becoming more efficient and avoiding wasting resources, your company will be able to save money that otherwise would have been spent inefficiently.

To keep internal teams happy. With the new resource management feature, projects and tasks will be evenly distributed throughout your team. You will also be able to see who is available and who is underutilized. Once you can see this information, you can keep your team happy by having them help one another with projects as needed, avoiding burnout and underuse.

Resource Management table of details

What can it help our customers accomplish?

GUIDEcx’s resource management feature can help you with much more than simply seeing who’s doing what. With this simple but powerful tool, you will also be able to make better business decisions about the future and keep projects and clients on track.

Here’s what you can accomplish with GUIDEcx’s resource management feature:

  • Capacity planning. Once you’re able to track the resources you’re currently using and who they’ve been assigned to, you can plan for your future resource capacity. GUIDEcx’s resource management tools provide you with the ability to adjust future resource allocation on the spot, making it easy to plan ahead.
  • Meeting due dates. By keeping track of the resources required to complete a given project, you’ll also be better prepared to meet your due dates. Our new feature makes it possible for you to see how much work is left to do on a project and make assignments easily in order to ensure it will be completed on time.
  • Keeping projects on budget. Staying on budget is likely one of your clients’ most important goals. Help them achieve it with the resource management tool by distributing work evenly among your team and making sure that they aren’t over- or under-allocating resources unnecessarily.

Reassuring clients. GUIDEcx’s resource management feature can allow your clients to see how their resources are being used. Once your clients know what you’re doing to help them accomplish projects and use resources wisely, they can be reassured that the work you’re doing for them is worthwhile.

How do you best make use of the feature?

Now that you know all the benefits of the new resource management feature, it’s time to learn what exactly it does and what you can do with it. As with any new feature, it’s a good idea to receive some training on how to use it. You can access training videos, courses, and helpful articles on GUIDEcx’s help website that can help you understand how it works. 

As you use the resource management feature to see which of your team members are working at or past capacity, you can identify opportunities to relieve them of some of their projects. You’ll also be able to know who can take on more tasks and use that information to find them some more projects to work on. And you can use the feature to go right in and make these task adjustments quickly and easily to use your employees’ time and your company’s resources more efficiently. By using the feature in these ways, you’ll begin to see major improvements in project management and onboarding at your business.

Team discussion

In conclusion, upgrading your current project management or onboarding capabilities to include the GUIDEcx resource management feature is an excellent way to improve several aspects of your business. Using the resource management feature can help you build trust with your customers, counter churn amongst your clients, save time, money, and other resources, and keep your internal teams happy and successful. By including this critical feature as part of your business’s capabilities, you’re sure to maintain a satisfied client base and use your resources much more efficiently.


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