Why Amazon Chose GUIDEcx


You never get a second chance to make a solid first impression. How your onboarding is structured, and the quality of the experience for stakeholders during the onboarding process establishes the expectations and the tone for the rest of the relationship. If you create a process that is organized, rooted in transparency, and purpose-built, you will build a foundation for a successful relationship going forward. This webinar will show you how to create an onboarding experience that prepares your team for success!

Join GUIDEcx COO Harris Clarke, as he chats with Amazon EHS Senior Program Managers, Heather Schimmelpfennig, and Erica Adams, about the key elements in creating a successful onboarding experience. Adams and Schimmelpfennig will share their experience with GUIDEcx and how our platform has revolutionized the onboarding process at Amazon.  

Key takeaways include:

  • Steps to create a successful onboarding experience
  • What data to focus on during onboarding
  • How to hold stakeholders accountable during onboarding

Prior to Amazon implementing GUIDEcx as their purpose-built solution for internal onboarding, they experienced the following three pain points:

  • Lack of data about the onboarding process
  • Minimal feedback about the process
  • Low visibility into where the roadblocks were in the onboarding process and where the accelerators were

Meet the Speakers

Harris Clarke
Heather Schimmelpfennig
Sr. EHS Program Manager,
Erica Adam
Sr. EHS Program Manager,

As the Chief Operating Officer at GUIDEcx, Harris Clarke brings a unique skill set from his decade-plus experience in big data, customer experience and diplomatic relations to unlock insights and provide products aimed at elevating the B2B customer experience. With time spent working in the software industry and for the State Department and Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., Harris has brought his knowledge to the forefront, building best practices that have enabled the GUIDEcx team to deliver world-class service. Those efforts were recognized even more when the company earned the coveted #1 ranking on G2’s Relationship Index out of all project management tools, beating out household names and other project management tools that have been around for decades.

Heather has been a safety professional for nearly twenty years. She started her Amazon career seven years ago as a site Safety Leader over a team consisting of both safety and medical professionals. After four years, she moved into a Multi-site Manager role, then promoted to a Regional Manager role, and is now currently a Senior Program Manager in Operational Risk which supports the reduction of risk across the North American Fulfilment Center organization; providing insight and expertise to the network and assurance of compliance. Heather is the Amazon POC for the GUIDEcx tool.

Erica began her Amazon career eight years ago in the fulfilment center warehouse business leading a team of safety and medical professionals and then transitioned into a Program Manager position that provides development of leadership content to support the development and growth of newly hired and promoted safety professionals across North America.

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