ShipHawk Ups Client Engagement by 70% With GUIDEcx


Who Is ShipHawk?

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ShipHawk is a logistics SaaS provider that leverages automation and cutting-edge software innovation to provide eCommerce companies with highly scalable fulfillment and shipping solutions. The company strives to provide online businesses of all sizes with access to the same tools and solutions that large international corporations enjoy. ShipHawk’s purpose is to “Level the playing field without thrashing workers, our environment, or the bottom line.”

Founded in 2012, ShipHawk currently employs approximately 100 people. The company has been a GUIDEcx customer since 2020.


Overly Complicated Project Management Systems Intimidate Customers, Reducing Client Engagement and Slowing Implementation

Many of ShipHawk’s customers are small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have large logistics teams or specially trained project managers. As such, many of the individuals that ShipHawk’s implementation team directly interacted with were members of small multitasking teams or individuals who carried various responsibilities within their companies.

“Our customers are smaller businesses, and so they are typically more resource-constrained. We don’t work with professional project managers usually. Most of the time they are wearing multiple hats and don’t want to be bogged down by a labyrinth of tasks” says Mike Shea, ShipHawk’s Director of Professional Services.

These informal “project managers” were uncomfortable with traditional project management software programs like Microsoft Project. ShipHawk often heard from their clients that they felt intimidated by complicated PM tools and didn’t have the time or desire to learn to use them.

Without the ability to use a “traditional” project management platform with their customers, ShipHawk’s implementation team didn’t have any means to consistently engage with their clients during onboarding. As such, implementations often suffered from errors, miscommunications, and delays.


Providing an Intuitive Platform That’s Easy for Internal and External Stakeholders to Use

ShipHawk needed a way to provide its customers with an implementation task management system that was as simple and easy to use. GUIDEcx offered an intuitive interface that eliminated all the overly complicated features of traditional project management programs while also automating key aspects of communication.

GUIDEcx made it easy for ShipHawk’s customers to understand their tasks and responsibilities during implementation. They could also receive automated notifications about deadlines and milestones. “GUIDEcx’s simplicity and clarity are what we need for our customer base,” says Shea.

Additionally, ShipHawk’s implementation team began using GUIDEcx’s customizable templates to manage many of their internal processes. The templates made it easy to update workflows for each new version of their transportation and warehouse management software programs, hastening reaction times and eliminating the need to communicate upcoming changes separately with multiple stakeholders.


Improved Customer Engagement, Reduced Implementation Time, and Better Capacity Forecasting

By implementing GUIDEcx, ShipHawk has seen these results:

  • 70% increase in customer engagement
  • More confidence and enthusiasm from their customers
  • A better understanding of the internal capacity for new projects

GUIDEcx has helped ShipHawk speed up implementations and give its customers a better experience. Managers have noticed a significant decrease in anxiety between meetings because internal and external stakeholders can all see exactly what’s happening in the process.

The automated updates that GUIDEcx offers have also simplified ShipHawk’s internal project management. Because the platform automatically updates end dates in real-time, it’s easy for managers to look ahead and accurately forecast capacity for new implementations. This clear view of bandwidth removes friction between the sales team, implementation team, and executive management. 

“GUIDEcx is an intuitive, point-and-click PM tool that’s robust and sophisticated. You can do a lot with it,” says Shea. Now, ShipHawk introduces GUIDEcx to all new customers at the initial implementation meeting, enabling them to enjoy all the benefits from the very beginning.

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