11 Reasons A Project Manager Needs Onboarding Software


As a project manager, you’re no stranger to the complexities and challenges of juggling projects of all sizes and scopes at the same time. You know the key to successful project management lies in effective task management and keeping everything (and everyone!) on track to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. And for your company, getting customers onboarded quickly and efficiently directly impacts your revenue and the bottom line.

This is where customer onboarding software comes in as the ultimate ally for a project manager, empowering you to navigate even the most intricate customer projects easily.

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This blog post explores how project managers can benefit from customer onboarding software. We’ll delve into the features and advantages of this powerful tool, equipping you with the knowledge to revolutionize your project management approach and achieve outstanding results for your teams and business.

Complex projects can easily spiral out of control if not meticulously managed. Task management is pivotal in breaking down projects into specific requirements and deadlines, ensuring everything is well-organized and on schedule. 

Customer onboarding software offers a comprehensive and transparent task management solution that keeps your projects and customers on track and helps you meet and come in ahead of project deadlines.

1. Project Managers Need Effective Task Scheduling 

Clear task assignments facilitate teamwork and foster accountability, increasing productivity and better project outcomes.

With customer onboarding software, project managers can easily schedule and allocate tasks to team members, third parties, and customers to ensure everyone knows what to do and when. 

project board view in GUIDEcx customer onboarding platform for project managers and team members

2. Task Reminders Help Project Managers Keep the Project Moving  

In the fast-paced world of project management, staying on top of tasks is the name of the game — and that’s where automated task reminders swoop in as a lifesaver. As a PM, you’re juggling multiple deadlines, a team with diverse work styles, and a client expecting top-notch results. Customer onboarding software with automated task reminders is the secret weapon every project manager deserves. 

These digital nudges keep your to-do list in check and free up mental space, allowing you to strategize and steer the project without drowning in minutiae. So, if you’re ready to bid farewell to missed milestones and embrace a smoother, more organized project journey, automated task reminders are your golden ticket — your future self (and your clients) will thank you.

3. Unlimited Guest Invites Allow Project Managers to Involve All the Right People

Eliminate delays between the purchase date and project completion by adding all the right people to the project.

Unlike standard PM tools, customer onboarding software like GUIDEcx allows you to invite customers, vendors, and third parties into the project at no additional charge while managing the project views for each party and the visibility of individual tasks.

team builder view in GUIDEcx onboarding platform showing a picture, title and task broken out by person.

4. A Dedicated Customer Dashboard Answers Common Customer Questions So PMs Don’t Have To

A dedicated customer dashboard is the project manager’s dream come true. Imagine your clients each having a panoramic view of all their tasks and projects, presented in a fresh, clean design. This isn’t just about aesthetics — it’s about turbocharging your efficiency, increasing transparency, and reducing customer confusion. With a dashboard, your customers can effortlessly sift through deadlines and projects with the kind of clarity that eliminates repeat phone calls. 

5. Automated Manual Tasks Give Project Managers More Time Back

As a PM, you know that much of your job centers around keeping projects moving. Clients expect to know what’s going on and get the product or service’s value quickly — or else they’ll churn

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Onboarding software can automate manual tasks like sending follow-up emails when tasks are late, creating reports, and updating team members and stakeholders on project status.

6. Progress Reporting Gives Project Managers a Bird’s Eye View

Keeping track of project progress is vital for project managers. Customer onboarding software can provide real-time progress reporting, giving you a bird’s-eye view of everything you’re managing. 

With a glance, you can identify potential roadblocks from customers, vendors, and team members so you can address them specifically and proactively before they escalate or cause major delays.

7. Custom Project Templates Will Help Project Managers Never Miss a Step

If you’re managing repeatable onboarding and implementation projects of different shapes and sizes, you need to be using templates. Templates allow project managers to benefit from taking their workflow out of their heads. A digitized onboarding workflow will not only speed up each implementation, but it will also make training new team members much easier.

why digitizing onboarding improves the customer experience

Customer onboarding software allows you to build and update templates for each of your unique product offerings and services. Even better? Software like GUIDEcx will also keep you updated on the tasks in your workflow that people commonly get stuck on.

The GUIDEcx template analyzer feature also provides insights into your current templates’ utilization, efficiency, and quality. These workflow analytics are why GUIDEcx users will often see a 49% reduction in onboarding time. 

GUIDEcx platform template analyzer report showing a detailed report analyzing how the templates are working

8. The Group Task Tracking Features Increase Accountability

Sometimes a task needs to be completed by multiple people during a project. Project managers can increase accountability by using onboarding software to assign a single task to multiple people — including on the customer and vendor teams — and track when each person has completed their part.

GUIDEcx platform Task-Group view showing how a project manager can group tasks in the platform

9. Streamlined Project Communication Helps Project Managers Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Communication is the lifeblood of any successful project, and customer onboarding software streamlines this vital aspect. With automated communication features, project managers can inform all stakeholders about project status and updates in real time. This transparent and efficient communication fosters collaboration and minimizes misunderstandings, reducing the chances of costly missteps.

10. Accurate Forecasted End Dates Help a Project Manager Set Expectations

Customer onboarding software with intelligent forecasted end dates offers project managers a number of advantages. It enables you to set realistic expectations with clients and build trust and transparency by providing accurate timelines for project completion. The result? You boost client satisfaction, develop a stronger relationship, and reduce churn. 

Additionally, accurately forecasted project end dates empower project managers and teams to allocate resources more efficiently, preventing overextension or underutilization of team members. Plus, your team will have an easier time with long-term planning, coordinating multiple projects, and avoiding potential bottlenecks.

11.  Customer Onboarding Software Helps a Project Manager Mitigate Risk

Additionally, customer onboarding software empowers project managers to mitigate risk factors proactively. By staying informed about the project’s progress and potential bottlenecks along the way, you can address issues before they evolve into significant problems. Early risk identification allows you to implement necessary changes and reduce your customer’s initial time-to-value.

Onboarding Software is a Project Manager’s Dream Come True

Customer onboarding software emerges as a game-changer for project managers who want an effective solution for customer onboarding. Its robust task management features empower project managers to break down complex projects, schedule tasks, track progress, and optimize resource allocation, all while keeping teams who work in different systems on the same page. With streamlined communication and proactive risk mitigation, you’ll ensure that projects stay on track and meet deadlines.

Customer onboarding software complements your workflow by offering in-depth integrations with your tech stack while functioning as the source of truth for project status.

As you embrace the power of customer onboarding software, you’ll witness a transformation in your project management approach. Your projects will become more organized, efficient, and successful, leading to increased productivity and better outcomes. So, don’t hesitate to harness the potential of customer onboarding software and elevate your project management game to new heights of excellence. 

Happy project management!

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