Quentelle Sees 45% Increase in Client Engagement After Implementing GUIDEcx


Who is Quentelle?

Quentelle delivers verification of employment, tax credits, and unemployment cost management solutions, leveraging advanced platform technology. Its data-driven solutions—powered by best-in-class providers—and proven IT security services save time and money and empower companies to streamline internal operations and make better decisions.


Decentralized System Delayed Implementation, Leading to Decreased Client Engagement and Slow TTV

Quentelle’s previous implementation methods included decentralized processes that varied by project managers, which resulted in a lengthy, poor implementation experience. Without an automated system, client engagement for completing critical implementation tasks dropped off significantly, in some cases delaying implementation upwards of two years, leaving onboarding tasks incomplete and timelines missed. Consequently, Quentelle’s customers saw an average time to value (TTV) of nine months to two years. “The longer the client takes to implement, the longer it takes to generate revenue,” says Shannon Campeau, director of operations at Quentelle. 

Having to deal with disconnected processes and a lack of automation, Quentelle’s project managers struggled to manage four or five clients at a time. Campeau spent much of her week coaching and providing hands-on support to keep employees focused and engaged.


Streamlining a Centralized and Automated System for Increased Project Transparency

Quentelle’s rapid growth called for a solution that could deliver a more seamless and automated follow-up process to help onboard new clients more expeditiously by driving consistency across the board and providing transparency for internal stakeholders as well as new clients.

With the implementation of GUIDEcx, project managers and clients can now more easily track their progress through the time-tracking feature, understand task dependencies using project templates, communicate with key stakeholders with the internal communication feature, and forecast project timelines. Relying on automated messaging and communication from within the platform, project managers can now more effectively support and guide their clients through onboarding. With the increase in visibility and communication, clients feel more motivated to engage with and complete implementation.

GUIDEcx was also able to help Quentelle streamline its task list and overall onboarding process, allowing clients and project managers to now use the project summary page to see everything at a glance, helping them see what’s due and what’s past due and what needs follow-up. This allows everyone to work together to expedite implementations.


Increased Client Engagement, Reduction in Average Completion Timeline, Improved Time-to-Value

With GUIDEcx’s help, Quentelle has achieved the following optimizations:

  • 45% increase in client engagement
  • 66% reduction in average implementation time
  • 94% reduction in time to value (from two years to as little as three weeks)

With these improvements, Quentelle was able to streamline its implementations, freeing up the team to deliver the service experience they are known for to new and existing clients. With a digitized system, the organization has been able to save time and optimize resources to be able to do more with less. 

“GUIDEcx has been amazing. Since signing up, we have reduced our implementation time 66%,” says Campeau.

Through automation, GUIDEcx has transformed a once cumbersome implementation process into a uniform onboarding experience for Quentelle and new clients. This increase in visibility has increased engagement for clients and given added transparency in project timelines, roadblocks, and issues. Now, internal stakeholders and clients are all on the same page and getting to value more quickly.

With these improvements, Quentelle was able to double its project manager headcount since implementing GUIDEcx. It now has a consistent, uniform system for interacting with clients, with automated reminders keeping everyone on schedule. With a digitized system, the organization has been able to double its project manager headcount, and Campeau is saving eight to nine hours of work a week.

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