G2 Report Fall 2021: 4 New G2 Badges for GUIDEcx

By Belle Ferro
Sep 9, 2021


Leader | Fall 2021

Leader Fall 2021

This Leader badge is monumental for GUIDEcx––it means our market presence is increasing, which moved us from the High Performer tier to the Leader tier! This is the first time we’ve received the Leader badge, but we’ve been so close for a few seasons now. 

We received this badge for our Task Management category and rank 13 out of 54 for the overall category. 

Best Support: Small Business | Fall 2021

Best Support Small Business Fall 2021

We received a similar badge to this one for Winter 2021 for the same category, Project Management. This badge is slightly different, however. The green color indicates that it is  part of G2’s Relationship Index Scoring. We’re glad to be recognized for providing the highest quality of support we can for our customers and theirs!

One reason we received this badge is because our average response time to our customers is 30 seconds!

Best Relationship | Fall 2021

Best Support Small Business Fall 2021

The Best Relationship badge is probably the most important one we’ve received this season. So much so, we’ve written a separate post about it! There’s a lot to unpack with this one and we don’t want to spoil it all here. Click here to read more

Easiest To Do Business With | Fall 2021

Easiest To Do Business With Fall 2021

This is another badge we’ve received before, except the difference this time around is that we received the ranking overall instead of for Mid-Market or Small Business. We received this one for our Workflow Management category, and it placed us at a ranking of 6 out of 30 for the Relationship Index Report! We’re moving up!

Although we’ve lately been emphasizing our newest category, Client Onboarding, it’s great to see that we’re improving and moving up in our other four categories as well.

All Fall 2021 badges:

Leader Fall 2021
Momentum Leader Fall 2021
Easiest Admin Mid-Market Fall 2021
Users Love Us Fall 2021
Best Support Small Business Fall 2021
High Performer Fall 2021
Easiest To Use Mid-Market Fall 2021
Best Relationship Fall 2021
High Performer Mid-Market Fall 2021
Highest User Adoption Mid-Market Fall 2021
Easiest To Do Business With Fall 2021
High Performer Small Business Fall 2021
Users Most Likely To Recommend Small Business Fall 2021

GUIDEcx strives to smooth the transition from sale to implementation by focusing on the onboarding process. With our solution, companies reduce the time it takes to go live by boosting customer engagement and communication.

The platform’s ability to deliver on the promise it makes to create a more engaging customer experience is one of the reasons we have earned these ongoing distinctions.

For more information on how GUIDEcx works, click here.


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