GUIDEcx Receives No. 1 Ranking for “Best Relationship” on G2


On September 7, 2021, GUIDEcx received its G2 Fall 2021 Report. Among the 14 badges we earned, we want to highlight the significance of the Best Relationship Fall 2021 for the Project Management category badge. Seems like it’s not that big of a deal, right? For some, maybe, but for us, this is a monumental shift for our market presence, how potential customers view us, and what current customers appreciate most. 

Best Relationship Fall 2021

How Is This Ranked?

A green G2 badge indicates the badge is a part of the Relationship Index category of rankings. A score in the Relationship Index is comprised of four main factors:

Ease of Business

Likely to Recommend

Quality of Support

Other Factors

GUIDEcx received one of the highest scores for Ease of Business and Quality of Support. 

For more information on how G2 scores categories, click here

Right at the Top

GUIDEcx received the No. 1 spot for the “Best Relationship” ranking on G2. Yes, No. 1 out of 107 companies. In the entire Project Management category, there are 395 companies, but only 107 are rated high enough to be ranked. For those of you who are familiar with GUIDEcx, the category we fit into most is Client Onboarding. But, we received this badge for our Project Management category. This means we’re up against some major players of the game that are specifically made for project management and only that.  

This badge was due to the GUIDEcx team diligently building a healthy and trusting relationship with our customers. We also invest an enormous amount of effort into building the relationship between our customers and their customers. Client onboarding is all about fostering relationships that endure. 

We Jumped 25 Spots

We’ve come a long way, baby! And in record time, too. Admittedly, we were No. 25 for Best Relationship Summer 2021 in Project Management. However, without that previous ranking, we wouldn’t be able to say we jumped 25 spots to claim the No. 1 ranking for Best Relationship.

Let’s acknowledge how big of a jump 25 spots is for this category. If there are 107 companies in this ranking, and we were previously No. 25, we moved about a quarter through the rankings. That’s huge! This also means we passed many of our competitors who have great rankings for Quality of Support, Ease of Business, and Likely to Recommend.

We hope to continuously improve on our other rankings as we continue on with our wonderful customers and G2.