GuideCX Receives No. 1 Client Onboarding Designation on G2

By Belle Ferro
Jul 1, 2021

This May, G2, the world’s top B2B software and services review website, honored requests to create a new category on its platform. Answering the demand for purpose-built products, the “Client Onboarding” distinction was born. As GuideCX rises in popularity, the category helps broaden the exposure of the onboarding SaaS software. It also brings to attention that more and more businesses are looking to improve the way they onboard new clients. 

The new G2 distinction also comes following a successful $10 million Series A round of financing last fall. The investment allowed GuideCX to further define the category of modern client onboarding. The software’s increased popularity amongst businesses is forever changing the way they communicate with their clients.

Now, millions of G2 users are now able to find a solution to onboarding new clients. Whether it’s for project management or onboarding new clients, G2 users can better distinguish if GuideCX works best for them. The site’s analytical process allows users to inform others about their experience with featured products, providing invaluable insight with reviews like the following:


“Continued Excellence – time and time again!”

“Client onboarding perfected.”

“Setting up a project is a breeze!”


“We are honored to be listed as the top Client Onboarding platform on G2 helping users modernize their client onboarding process to be easy, efficient, and transparent,” says Peter Ord, CEO and founder of GuideCX. “To be able to have access to powerful technology that is tailored to a business’s needs is critical, especially in the era of hybrid workplaces.”

Earlier this year, GuideCX was also awarded nine badges by G2. In addition, received the “Users Love Us” badge, which demonstrates the service’s continuous ability to exceed customer expectations. This is the 18th consecutive season that GuideCX has received the “Users Love Us” badge. 

To view GuideCX’s listing and reviews on G2, visit


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