How to Win at Customer Onboarding and Your Career


Photo of GUIDEcx COO Harris Clarke and photo of best-selling author Rod Cherkas. Harris and Rod spoke on a webinar about How to Win at Customer Onboarding and Your Career.

During this current economic climate, you must understand the most effective way to onboard your customers and how to leverage these professional skills to grow your career. Creating a winning customer onboarding process has many positive outcomes for your business, including improved efficiency, accelerated time to value, and reduction in churn.

In addition to the direct impact on the business, mastering the skills needed to manage a successful customer onboarding process is also beneficial to your career – it’s a win-win for your company and your career!

Join GUIDEcx COO Harris Clarke and Rod Cherkas, author of the best-selling book, “The Chief Customer Officer Playbook”. They share actionable strategies to win at customer onboarding, accelerate your career growth, and demonstrate executive-level impact at your company – all the way up to the C-Suite.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Build a winning strategy for your customer onboarding process
  • How customer onboarding can drive efficiency
  • Identify the skills and strategies that are most important for your career growth.  
  • Communicate your results and strategic impact through compelling stories.
  • Identify career-accelerating opportunities that propel you ahead.
  • Economy-proof your career so you can deliver repeatable results over the long run.
  • Effectively discuss your development goals and business outcomes with your manager.

Meet Harris Clarke

harris clarke headshot

Harris Clarke brings a unique skill set from his decade-plus experience in big data, customer experience, and diplomatic relations to unlock insights and provide products to elevate the B2B customer experience.

With time spent working in the software industry and for the State Department and Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., Harris has brought his knowledge to the forefront, building best practices that have enabled the GUIDEcx team to deliver world-class service.

Meet Rod Cherkas

headshot of rod cherkas

Rod Cherkas is the CEO of HelloCCO and is the leading global consultant and advisor to Chief Customer Officers and their functional team leaders. He has been a post-sale executive at several of Silicon Valley’s most customer-centric companies, including Intuit, RingCentral, Marketo, and Gainsight. 

Rod also authorizes the best-selling book The Chief Customer Officer Playbook: 8 Strategies that Will Accelerate Your Career and Win You a Seat at the Executive Table. The book helps CCOs and aspiring CCOs to identify, develop, and master the skills they need to deliver repeatable, predictable results. It is available on Amazon.