How to Ensure a Successful Customer Onboarding Experience


Harris Clarke, COO, GUIDEcx, and Cody Irwin, VP of Product, GUIDEcx, discuss the four keys to a successful customer onboarding experience. Clarke and Irwin also explain how the GUIDEcx integration with Gainsight improves the onboarding experience by allowing users to gauge and manage risk and produce health scores to give your team an accurate status snapshot of each project, all from the beginning of your onboarding process.

Meet the Speakers

Harris Clarke
Chief Operating Officer
Cody Irwin Headshot
Cody Irwin
VP of Product,

Harris Clarke brings a unique skill set from his decade-plus experience in big data, customer experience, and diplomatic relations to unlock insights and provide products that elevate the B2B customer experience.

With time spent working in the software industry and for the State Department and Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., Harris has brought his knowledge to the forefront, building best practices that have enabled the GUIDEcx team to deliver world-class service.

Cody Irwin excels at solving customer problems. Cody always places the customer at the forefront, whether offering guidance on specific customer solutions or creating scalable answers for a diverse customer base. His talent for unlocking value and propelling organizational progress is unmatched.

Cody brings over a decade of experience in various customer-facing roles and industries — including Google Cloud, Domo, and PwC. At GUIDEcx, he and his team are focused on helping companies work better with their customers, vendors, and third parties to achieve common goals in scalable and pleasing ways.

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