Why GUIDEcx is Betting Big on In-Person Events


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The COVID-19 pandemic had a big impact on in-person events. Prior to the pandemic, hybrid and virtual gatherings accounted for just 18.9% of all events. After the pandemic, that number jumped to 59.5%.

GUIDEcx Co-Founder and VP of sales, Todd White, was a guest on The Official SaaStr Podcast with Poya Osgouei and explained why GUIDEcx finds live events so valuable and the steps he takes to make sure his team gets the most out of live events.

Three Benefits of Live Events

Get ready to make a note of these three points because they will help you maximize the impact of your next live event.

Todd says the three main benefits of live events are the intrinsic value, revenue and team building.

 Intrinsic Value

The intrinsic value is kind of an obvious one, but nonetheless important. This speaks to the opportunity of being in the same location as other industry professionals and influencers, and then knowing what to do in that moment.

Todd shares a story about how met Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta in 2018 after Mehta’s presentation. “I purposely went to the exit area and was just waiting there, waiting, waiting…all of a sudden Nick comes out so I start walking up [to him],” recalls Todd.

Now, for a bit of context: Todd had not met Nick before this conference but he was determined to introduce himself and make that connection. 

Take a listen to hear how the full story unfolds, but here’s a little spoiler: GUIDEcx is now a certified partner with Gainsight.


The second benefit is revenue. Tradeshows and events are a great opportunity to get face-to-face with prospects, build connections and schedule demos for after the show. The key for looking at a financial ROI on events is to be patient. Todd says, “we don’t look at the value of the show for at least a year.”

The connections you make at events are like planting a seed: they are going to sprout the next day, but with the proper attention to cultivate the leads you will have some that blossom into deals.

Team Building

The third benefit is the team building aspect. Events are a great opportunity for members of the team to get together and work towards a common goal. This point is even more critical if you have a team that is remote and you have minimal chances to get together during the year.

Events are also the perfect setting for team members to bolster their skills with all the repetition they will get from interacting with people coming up to the booth and networking during the day. “That’s my pre-season NFL combine right there,” said Todd. “The amount of practice you get is next level and if you have anybody that is new, there’s no faster way to get them up to speed than to put them on a trade show.”

There’s also the camaraderie of spending time together as a team outside of the show for lunches and dinners. Getting to know your teammates beyond what their specific work roles goes a long way in strengthening relationships.

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