MaidCentral Switches to GUIDEcx: Cuts Onboarding Tasks for Clients by 75% with GUIDEcx


Who Is MaidCentral?

MaidCentral, a SaaS company that provides an advanced organization platform for those in the home-cleaning industry, needed a new onboarding platform that was simple, intuitive, and easy to understand for any of their clients, regardless of their experience or savviness with technology. The previous onboarding platform was provided by complex and difficult software for both the clients and the team behind MaidCentral. 

“It was getting unbearable,” says Austin Allen, partner implementation supervisor at MaidCentral. “It was getting to a point when we had to vet all my customers because, if they didn’t meet all the right criteria, we wouldn’t be able to give them a successful onboarding experience. Our previous system also prevented us from taking on too many projects at one time. There were a lot of problems.” 

MaidCentral’s team enlisted the help of GUIDEcx in May 2022 to streamline, automate, and simplify their onboarding process. This shift to GUIDEcx has resulted in onboarding tasks for clients being cut by 75 percent and the time to value for clients being reduced by 25 percent.

“The efficiency that we see from the GUIDEcx software is incredible,” says Austin Allen, partner implementation supervisor at MaidCentral. “We get so much value from all of the reporting, tools, communications cadence, automation, and integrations. Without this software, we couldn’t do what we do.” 

The streamlined process from GUIDEcx has also included the automation of all necessary client communication during onboarding, which allows the MaidCentral team to invest more resources into growing their business and bringing on new customers. “I feel like I have an infinite workload now,” Allen says. “I’m telling the sales guys just to go wild because we can handle the capacity now.”

Before switching to GUIDEcx, clients took four to eight weeks to get value out of the MaidCentral software. Today, it takes an average of three to six weeks. Having a simple and straightforward onboarding system has helped more of MaidCentral’s clients experience success with MaidCentral’s software earlier. 

Read the full case study to learn more about how MaidCentral dramatically decreased their onboarding tasks and time to value for their clients below.

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