Catchafire Triples their Growth Capacity with GUIDEcx


Who Is Catchafire?

In the fall of 2021, Catchafire, a company providing nonprofits with choice, capacity, and wrap-around support to achieve their missions, realized that, despite all the time and investment spent on onboarding, their processes were still not optimized for growth. As they continued to scale, they needed to be able to streamline better, create efficiencies, and optimize their work as they took on more and more partners.

“When we were thinking about what the future looked like for Catchafire, it became clear that there was a lot of opportunity to create efficiencies and optimize our onboarding processes,” says Emma Schrager, Senior Manager of Implementation and Program Operations at Catchafire.

Catchafire began its search for a platform that would optimize its onboarding processes and allow them to grow more efficiently. Partnering with nonprofits, volunteers, and funders, it was important to them to have an efficient onboarding process to handle their partnerships. With key values—including ease of use, data reporting capabilities, adaptability, and flexibility—in mind, Catchafire chose GUIDEcx to solve their problems.

Since the implementation of GUIDEcx, Catchafire has seen a 2–3X increase in its capacity to onboard clients and an increase in its operational efficiency. “GUIDEcx has really created a strong foundation for us in terms of how we optimize and scale as we grow on different layers,” says Emma. “It has streamlined a lot of our processes and created efficiencies that allow us to scale our work.” GUIDEcx templates, automation, and other features allow Catchafire to obtain visibility into forecasted launch dates, which has improved the way we are able to manage our pipeline and resourcing. Due to these automation, Catchafire was able to onboard their first customer within the GUIDEcx platform in less than 8 weeks.

Read the full case study to learn more about how Catchafire increased its growth capacity by 2-3X with GUIDEcx.

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