Daily Herald Money Matters: Three Scary Career Truths

Nov 22, 2022

Starting a new job can feel scary. It’s hard to see the real view of your new working situation until you begin your job. Here are three scary truths you should understand before starting any new position:

  1. Finding a job can be a long and complicated process.

Your job search should be your top priority. Part of the reason finding a job takes some people so long is that they simply aren’t putting enough effort into it. Make sure to use your network during your job hunt.

  1. Staying engaged at work is difficult.

It’s hard to want to do something when you don’t see immediate benefits. You might need to find a way to reward yourself for working. 

  1. Sitting at a desk job is bad for your health.

Learn to take breaks, try a standing desk, or keep moving.

While each of these may feel “scary,” you can overcome these fears. As you do, you will be prepared to confidently enter the workforce and be successful at your job.

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