Guide Your Clients through Implementation and Onboarding

GUIDEcx® is a client onboarding project platform that helps you deliver projects faster, experience fewer issues, and speed up time to value for your customers. That’s why G2 named us #1 in Client Onboarding Software.
Project Plan

Here’s How It Works


1. Create your templates.

Our team will work with you to build your project templates, including milestones and tasks. You can easily customize the template for each new type of onboarding. No two clients are exactly alike, so you don’t want it to feel like a cookie-cutter experience, but you also need to have a structure for your team to ensure quality, speed, and consistency.

2. Invite all stakeholders to the project.

You can invite internal team members, external customers, and third-party vendors to your project at no extra cost. You only pay for project manager and administrator licenses.

Guide through the project

3. Guide your customer through the project.

Use GUIDEcx’s automated process for tasks, reminders, and updates. Keep everyone on the same page and clear on their responsibilities.

4. Engage customers in the way they prefer.

With GUIDEcx, your users don’t need to log in to interact—update status, add notes, complete tasks, etc.—with the project. They can use email or the mobile app. When customers are engaged, they complete tasks faster, and you deliver value sooner.

analyze project trends

5. Analyze project trends.

Identify project bottlenecks and accelerators across all your projects. Use this data to optimize future projects and deliver better customer experiences.

6. Get help whenever you need it.

From onboarding sessions to live chat support to new-hire training, the GUIDEcx success team is with you every step of the way.


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