GUIDEcx Events

We love connecting face-to-face with our customers and other like-minded industry pros. Join our team and thought leaders across customer success + onboarding for actionable insights and best practices.

upcoming Events

Rob Zambito, Founder & CEO of Scaled Success, joins Dave Thompson to explore key fundamentals of customer expansion. Leave this webinar with an actionable playbook to improve customer expansion and demonstrate major wins within your company.

GUIDEcx Lunch & Learn

We are excited to kickoff a 6-part Lunch & Learn series diving deeper into Customer Journey Mapping.

Join us for the first session where we’ll cover the “Consideration” stage. Lunch will be provided.

When: Thursday, June 27 from 12-1 pm

Where: 3451 Triumph Blvd #400, Lehi, UT 84043

Past Events

Learn how to effectively move your customers and cross-functional teams from sales, to implementation, to long-term success. Jeff Kushmerek, founder of Infinite Renewals, joins Dave Thompson, Director of Partnerships, to explore key transitions in the customer lifecycle.

Peter Ord, Founder & CEO of GUIDEcx, led a breakout session at Pulse 2024. He dives into the world of data intelligence, sharing practical ways Professional Services and Success teams can harness AI, BI, and CI to drive retention.