Epion Health Saves 60 Days In Onboarding Time with GUIDEcx

Sep 9, 2022

No parent enjoys the uncomfortable feeling of leaving their reckless children alone with a babysitter. Taking days off work can create the same feeling for a project manager. Leaving work knowing your projects and teams are well managed gives you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy life outside of work. A well-managed team also leads to faster onboarding times, which benefit both the Epion and their clients.

Epion Health’s Head of Implementation recently returned from a 12 day trip in Europe. With GUIDEcx’s project management and workflow capabilities, she felt at ease leaving her team in charge. Because of the GUIDEcx platform’s “rules, expectations, responsibilities, timelines, who’s doing what, and who’s documenting what,” Epion was able to continuously deliver their well-known, premium services with their customers.

As a healthcare management software company who puts the patient experience at the center of all they do, Epion is dedicated to improving how healthcare works with a focus on developing innovative digital access solutions that drive better clinical and financial outcomes. Epion, as a trusted partner to healthcare organizations, delivers unparalleled customer support and comprehensive resources to their clients.

For Epion, GUIDEcx became a game changer building trust between their customers and the Epion team. Clients feel even more now that they can rely on the Epion team for top-notch service. Due to this relationship building, and the transparency and tracking abilities of the GUIDEcx platform, Epion was able to reduce their onboarding timeline by 60 days with their largest client.

According to Ann Mooney, the Head of Implementation at Epion Health, “If a client takes two months longer to go live, that’s 60 days worth of patients they missed getting quality measures on. This affects their reimbursements from the payers/insurance, and that leaves revenue on the table the longer it takes.” 

A Leader in Electronic Health Records

Epion Health is the #1 rated athenahealth Marketplace partner. This is in part due to GUIDEcx’s capabilities in implementation, account management, keeping people on task, and transparency with responsibilities and timelines.

They frequently celebrate wins with clients who appreciate the reduced turnaround times. They also celebrate wins within their own company, which include happier employees who work smarter with the ease of the GUIDEcx, making their workday easier.

“Without GUIDEcx, I would have never been able to keep track of anything at all. I feel like I’ve never had a better team.”

We aim to make teams happier. As the industry leader in customer implementation and onboarding, we know what it takes to help clients improve efficiency and drive revenue. Our platform reduces time to value, creates visibility and saves time with automation, ensuring project managers and their clients get work done as quickly as possible.

Learn about Epion’s entire success story in the case study below.

Let Us Guide You Through Your Next Customer Onboarding Project

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