Your Current Customers Will Help You Push Past the Pause (Webinar)


What if your current customers are your only customers for the rest of this year?

With COVID-19 affecting all of us, we must ask some genuine questions. Large and small businesses face major obstacles: mass layoffs, frozen budgets, increased remote work, and more. It’s easy to tell ourselves things are “on pause” in these unprecedented times.

The Solution

The good news is there’s a compelling avenue for pushing ahead in this crisis: focusing on your current customers. There are likely multiple ways to leverage better the experience you’re providing them, even expanding your relationship with them.

In this webinar, Todd White welcomes Donna Weber to share how you can take your finger off the pause button by focusing on your existing customers.  Donna is one of the world’s foremost experts on customer onboarding and has built multiple Customer Success and Customer Education programs from scratch.

You’ll walk away with best practices and tactical tips for engaging customers and driving results immediately:

  • How to utilize “ongoing onboarding” to expand your offering
  • How to get back to 100% productivity
  • How to make your experience more modern and offer more value

Don’t feel like watching?