Strategies to Meet & Exceed Modern B2B Consumer Expectations


Everything is changing about B2B consumer expectations and if you don’t get ahead of it, your competition will.

This engaging webinar will help you learn about the ever-changing expectations of modern-day B2B consumers and the critical strategies you need to stay ahead of them. You’ll gain actionable insights on the future of customer onboarding and its impact on customer experience. We also share strategies to measure long-term customer success, reduce churn, and foster lasting customer relationships.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn how consumer-driven experiences like Amazon impact your business and customer expectations
  • Discover how you can integrate a “white-glove” approach into your customer experience
  • Learn the cost of inaction in a rapidly changing consumer marketplace
  • Understand what you need to measure during onboarding to positively impact adoption
  • How to partner for success with customers during onboarding
  • Gain insights into the way transparency transforms the customer experience

Meet the Speakers

peter ord, guidecx founder and ceo headshot
Peter Ord
Founder & CEO,
lezette markham headshot, marketing director at Groupize
Lezette Markham
Marketing Director,
justin peticolas headshot, manager of implementation/onboarding at Groupize
Justin J. Peticolas
Manager, Implementation & Onboarding, Groupize

Peter Ord has worked to revolutionize the client onboarding and implementation process by creating the most advanced tool for delivering value faster for SaaS clients.

GUIDEcx is the top choice for SaaS project managers and client success teams to invite, guide and engage their customers in a modern onboarding experience. Peter is driven to help companies create a customer-centric onboarding experience that’s unforgettable and makes the right first impression.

Lezette Markham is the Marketing Director at Groupize, boasting over 15 years of expertise in B2B customer acquisition, retention, and concierge-level service.

Renowned for her unparalleled ability to manage multifaceted projects and deadlines, Lezette’s skill set is underscored by a deep commitment to team collaboration and meticulous attention to detail. Her uncanny knack for fostering and nurturing business relationships has set her apart in her field.

Justin Peticolas is a veteran in the meetings, events, and travel technology space with over 15 years of experience in various Client Services roles for some of the leading platforms and meetings management companies.

At Groupize, Justin oversees the Implementation, Onboarding, and Support teams, ensuring that all customers receive consistently high levels of service and satisfaction right from the beginning of their Groupize partnership, and at every interaction they may have along their journey.

justin peticolas headshot, manager of implementation/onboarding at Groupize

Our implementation average has shot through the roof, and we’re saving time. We have an average of 10 rolling implementations at any given time, yet we’re saving at least two hours a week per client due to the automation from GUIDEcx.

— Justin J. Peticolas,
Manager, Implementation & Onboarding