How AI is Changing Customer Onboarding & Success


How AI is changing customer onboarding & success

The numbers don’t lie – digitally adept businesses thrive. The era of customer-centric, digital customer onboarding for B2B has arrived, and the time to harness its potential for lasting customer success in your business is now. 

Peter Ord, GUIDEcx Founder & CEO, joins Sabina Pons, Managing Director, Growth Molecules, for an illuminating webinar. Together, Peter and Sabina navigate the intersecting worlds of technology, customer success, and customer onboarding.

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Gain insights from Sabina and Peter through a live discussion, delving into the latest research and tech revelations. As AI investments surge and its influence steers the global GDP into trillions, our experts provide clear insights and actionable steps around tech, onboarding, and customer success.

In this webinar, you will: 

  • How to strike a healthy balance between custom client onboarding experiences and operational onboarding experiences
  • Best practices to find customer champions and get them involved in customer success
  • How your time to value affects the customer activation rate
Watch The Webinar

Meet the Speakers

Peter Ord
Founder & CEO
Sabina Pons
Managing Director
Growth Molecules

Peter Ord has worked to revolutionize the client onboarding and implementation process by creating the most advanced tool for delivering value faster for SaaS clients. GUIDEcx is the top choice for SaaS project managers and client success teams to invite, guide and engage their customers in a modern onboarding experience.

Peter is driven to help companies create an unforgettable customer-centric onboarding experience that makes the right first impression.

Sabina Pons is a former tech exec turned award-winning management consultant, investor, and keynote speaker focusing on driving revenue protection and growth for technology companies.

Sabina is currently the Managing Director at Growth Molecules™, and she sits on several boards and participates in a multitude of mentorship programs. Sabina holds a Master’s in Leadership and Communication from Gonzaga University and a Bachelor’s in Public Relations from the University of Southern California.

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