SaaSOptics Reduces Onboarding Time by 30% with GUIDEcx


Who Is SaaSOptics?


SaaSOptics is subscription management software built for business-to-business (B2B) software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. They automate financial operations for B2B SaaS businesses by providing a platform that offers automated subscription management, revenue recognition, and reliable SaaS metrics.


Limited Visibility, Overwhelming Manual Tasks

Prior to the implementation of GUIDEcx, SaaSOptics was using a project management tool with limited visibility for their customers and an inflexible UI, making it difficult to stay up to date. Despite having a tool to guide their implementation and onboarding process, they found themselves swamped with time-consuming clerical work and endless manual tasks.

One of the key advantages of choosing SaaSOptics is a rapid onboarding process. While many implementations were quick to execute, some would experience delays along the way due to reasons such as complications in other connected systems or key contacts encountering conflicting priorities. In these scenarios, it could be difficult to regain momentum in the implementation and properly manage expectations due to limited visibility between teams. With poor adoption of their current project management tool and the need to provide a more streamlined and scalable onboarding process, they knew they had to find a more adaptable platform to suit their needs.


Finding a Relevant Onboarding Solution with GUIDEcx

After reviewing a selection of products for an improved implementation process, they ultimately decided on the GUIDEcx platform because of its structured template-based approach, flexible user interface, and Salesforce integration. While other services offered a project management tool that could be configured to work for software, GUIDEcx provided software purpose-built for B2B software customer onboarding. Not only did the process seem tailored to SaaSOptics, but it was also flexible. While templates describe the ideal path of an implementation, each project could easily be adapted to suit specific customer profiles or delayed tasks if they occurred.

Additionally, the customer transparency GUIDEcx promised was exactly what they needed. If a customer was late on a task that only they could complete, GUIDEcx could automate the reminders allowing their implementation team to stay focused on being the good cop and strategically moving the project forward. With everyone on the same page, internal and external teams were able to stay motivated throughout the entire process, and SaaSOptics was able to stand behind their market advantage of offering a rapid onboarding process.

The people at GUIDEcx are wonderful. As soon as we started working together, I knew I could trust them for years to come.

— Chad Estes —
Customer Success VP


30% Decrease in Onboarding Time During High Sales Growth

Once they saw the results of their implementation of GUIDEcx, SaaSOptics was even further convinced that they had made the right decision. In the first year after implementing GUIDEcx, they saw a 30% decrease in their average onboarding duration, even while they continued to onboard a higher volume of new customers (60% higher than the previous year).

Not only has GUIDEcx saved SaaSOptics weeks of time in onboarding, but it has also improved the overall quality of the process. Customers are more satisfied than ever before; they particularly enjoy the visibility of the platform because they can see exactly where they are in the process and how much is remaining. This drives customer satisfaction and confidence as they are continuously motivated by each checkpoint.

It doesn’t hurt that the process of working with GUIDEcx is enjoyable. According to Chad Estes, VP of customer success at SaaSOptics, his favorite part of working with GUIDEcx is working with the team there. “Software is great, but people create and support it,”’ he says. “The people at GUIDEcx are wonderful. As soon as we started working together, I knew I could trust them for years to come.”

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