EventBooking Boosts Client Onboarding and Transparency




EventBooking specializes in online booking and venue management through their cloud-based application VenueOps. VenueOps is designed for event professionals within convention centers, arenas, theaters, performing arts centers, and other large-scale event venues. Founded in the late 1990s, the company now serves over 1,000 venues spanning 24 countries. The EventBooking team focuses on the big picture, serving as trusted advisors to their client venues to craft an ideal onboarding experience to VenueOps. 


Disorganized Projects, Limited Client Transparency

With clients worldwide, EventBooking needed a system to help them organize big projects. On top of dealing with different time zones and the need for constant communication with their customers, they faced difficulty aligning onboarding progress and milestones. Because their processes had standardization gaps, this led to a number of clients who had implemented their software but hadn’t reaped the benefits of its full adoption. Consultants found themselves acting out of reactivity rather than proactivity, forced to address lapses in communication due to a lack of clarity and consistency in their internal practices. More than anything, EventBooking needed a system that would organize projects and increase transparency between their clients and internal team.


Finding Standardized Onboarding Implementation with GUIDEcx

EventBooking found a solution to their problems with the GUIDEcx platform. Not only did implementing GUIDEcx help EventBooking boost transparency, but it also helped them rebuild the structure of their company from the ground up. They took steps to break down each of their internal processes and reimagine the onboarding process. Defining their implementations and standardizing their processes led to several benefits they hadn’t expected. While their clients benefited from the more organized structure, their internal teams also flourished. They learned the system inside and out. Training new employees and customers became easier.

What ultimately sealed the deal for EventBooking was the transparency of GUIDEcx. The platform allows large groups of people to work together on each project without sacrificing the necessary communication. Clients can add their team members on their side of the project, and most importantly, everyone is on the same page in terms of deadlines and responsibilities. This boost in transparency allows both sides of the partnership to stay up to date on changing deadlines without the constant problems EventBooking had experienced before GUIDEcx.

I don’t think I’ve waited more than 60 seconds for a response from them. Their customer service resonates with me, and I’ve learned so much by being able to bounce things off them.

Senior Implementation Consultant


Evolving Solutions, Continuous Results

The results EventBooking saw after integrating the GUIDEcx platform further convinced them they had made the right decision. While they initially implemented GUIDEcx to help them, onboard clients, they soon realized the platform could address other problems. After hiring two new employees who needed to learn their new system quickly, they onboarded them using GUIDEcx. With the videos, milestones, and transparency the platform provides, the new team members were ready to be part of the group in no time.

Blown away by the results of onboarding their internal team and their clients, they were more than happy with the new partnership. According to Kayln Denniston, senior implementation consultant at EventBooking, working with the people at GUIDEcx was the best part of implementing the new platform. “I don’t think I’ve waited more than 60 seconds for a response from them,” she says. “Their customer service resonates with me, and I’ve learned so much by being able to bounce things off them.”

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