GUIDEcx Begins 2022 with Top Spot in G2 Client Onboarding Category


With another powerful year of momentum and fast-paced growth under our belt, GUIDEcx closed out 2021 with the awarding of 12 new badge distinctions by G2, the world’s top B2B software and services review website. The winter awarding includes recognizing GuideCX as the top-ranked leader in the client onboarding category, a feat that is especially important as we continue our mission to become the premier customer onboarding system for business professionals everywhere.

With the new category created earlier this year and entirely dependent upon G2’s user reviews, GUIDEcx is competing against 21 other companies to be the top SaaS client onboarding service. As one of just a select few to earn badges for the Winter 2022 season, GUIDEcx also received distinctions as Best Support and Best Relationship, both within the relationship index category, representing an ease of customer business and efficiency. 

Furthermore, GUIDEcx has been recognized for our ability to reduce time to value, cementing ourselves as a top contender in G2’s project management category. We were awarded the Leader, Momentum Leader, and Best Relationship badges for our ability to positively impact a business’s performance, which is especially important as we move forward with the continued rollout of our Navigator Reporting Engine, which forecasts never-before-seen metrics to improve the overall new customer experience.

“G2 has helped so many new users discover GUIDEcx and utilize the honest reviews of other customers to make it their go-to client onboarding solution,” said Peter Ord, founder and CEO of GUIDEcx. “We are so fortunate that those reviews have translated into leadership distinctions in both the onboarding and project management categories, helping us to grow as we enter a new and exciting chapter for the company.”

Using a unique algorithm, G2 combines user reviews with data from online sources and social networks to configure the site’s Customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real time. Other badges awarded to GUIDEcx for the winter season include Easiest Admin, Easiest to Use, and Best Support in the project management category; High Performer for both small business and mid-market; and Highest User Adoption in the task management category. 


Our Best Reports​

Leader for Client Onboarding (we rank #1 out of 9) and for Project Management (#26 out of 171).

Best Relationship for Client Onboarding (#1 out of 6) and Project Management (#1 out of 112).

Best Support for Client Onboarding. We rank #1 out of 6.

All Winter 2022 badges:

GUIDEcx strives to smooth the transition from sale to implementation by focusing on the onboarding process. With our platform, companies reduce the time it takes to go live by boosting customer engagement and communication.

The platform’s ability to deliver on the promise it makes to create a more engaging customer experience is one of the reasons we have earned these ongoing distinctions.

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