We Raised $25 Million in Series B to Enable Faster and Higher Satisfaction Client Onboarding

By Belle Ferro
Feb 2, 2022
When our founder and CEO Peter Ord first thought of a better way to enhance the client onboarding process, there was one thing on his mind. It needed to be client-facing. 

Why was this the main goal? Because the impact that a good first impression has does the most to define a B2B relationship. And this first impression takes place during the client onboarding process. 

At GUIDEcx, our goal is to improve the lives of our customers’ customers. 

In 2020, 55 percent of customers invited to GUIDEcx engaged with the platform. Today, in just a year’s time, that statistic is 81 percent. With our Series B, we want to increase this number to an even greater percentage. 

A low engagement rate is the top cause of failure when implementing a product or service. GUIDEcx will continue our hyperfocus on providing solutions to enable our users to be the best in the world at onboarding and engaging new customers to create a better and faster client onboarding experience. 

Our Series B funding was led by Meritech Capital Partners. Other financing participants include new and previous investors: Album VC, Prelude, Sorenson Capital, Epic Ventures and Orchard Ventures, among others.

“What excites us most about GUIDEcx is their management team’s focus on enabling faster and higher satisfaction customer onboarding,” said Paul Madera, co-founder and general partner of Meritech. “During our conversations with GUIDEcx users, we consistently heard that GUIDEcx is best-in-class at improved implementations of new programs with better visibility, understanding and coordination. We are convinced this is a very large market opportunity and GUIDEcx is the leader.”

As Peter Ord has said, “We have a healthy disregard for the impossible.” Here’s what we want to accomplish for this round of Series B funding.


What’s Next for GUIDEcx?


  • More automation. We want to automate more of the workflows so clients can have more time with customers and create a more efficient client onboarding process.
  • Add 100+ managed integrated partners to GUIDEcx. This will help customers leverage GUIDEcx in new and innovative ways. 
  • Expanding the GUIDEcx team. This year, we aim to significantly expand our team to increase customer service and engagement. This will add more support for our clients so they can better serve their customers.


For more details about the Series B funding round, read the press release here

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