GUIDEcx Returns from Successful SaaStr Annual 2021 with Renewed Focus on Industry


Fresh off its third appearance at SaaStr Annual 2021, the world’s largest non-vendor B2B software conference, GUIDEcx is moving ahead with even greater knowledge of the industry and the need for purpose-driven products to enhance the new customer experience.

Four GUIDEcx team members joined over 4,300 SaaS industry leaders and newcomers during the event Sept. 27-29 to share insight into successful business operation. With three main areas of focus, the conference offered interactive booths, workshops, and speaking presentations, letting the conversation flow around the importance of conversion metrics.


With a heavy emphasis on scaling teams to set the stage for long-term success, the SaaStr agenda dove deep into the “behind the scenes” process of planning, funding, and organizing. A presentation on “Top 10 Mistakes Scaling Your First Sales Team” by SaaStr CEO, Jason Lemkin, served as a pre-kickoff to the conference.

“With more and more venture capitalists looking to invest in SaaS, the drive is on for companies to want to hit those benchmarks and get their numbers in place,” said Todd White, cofounder of GUIDEcx. “People are learning how to scale their businesses and raise and leverage that money to further their organization; there is a massive understanding of this across the industry with SaaStr essentially serving as a ‘meeting of the minds’ to further the discussion.”

Preventing Churn

Meanwhile, the ever-growing, hot topic of preventing churn was also central to this year’s SaaStr. With today’s ultra competitive market and more and more technologies emerging, keeping and retaining customers is critical to a business’s longevity. 

Engagements like that of Deborah Preston, VP of Client Success at Verifone focused heavily on the topic. Among Preston’s key takeaways is that the smallest reduction in churn can have a significant impact on a business as a whole. She notes: “An incremental two percent increase in retention can lead to a 20 percent higher evaluation of your business.” Her strategies to reduce churn with tactics like auto-renew encouragement for customers and email offers and reminders were much buzzed-about amongst the conference crowd.

Igniting Growth

The final part in the three-fold prong approach of business success during SaaStr centered on growth, using the fundamentals of scaling and reducing churn to sustain an upward trajectory. 

For GUIDEcx, the topic was personal, presenting the opportunity for people everywhere to learn more about the critical importance and functionality of utilizing a centralized client onboarding software to reduce time to value. As more people discover the need for such a specialty tool, SaaStr continues to serve as an introductory point for new customers, with GUIDEcx even making history by onboarding a new client there in just one day. Likewise, following CEO Peter Ord’s live presentation on optimizing the implementation process, dozens of audience members immediately requested a demo of the software.