Product Update — January 2022

By Belle Ferro
Jan 27, 2022

Our product team and engineers have been hard at work this year to bring you our first product release of 2022!

We want to give a huge thank you to all of our customers for their feedback and participation in our product development.

Here are the highlights of what was released:


Project Team Builder (Beta)

The Project Team Builder is our biggest feature in this release! This feature makes the project creation process easier, faster, and more organized. Specifically, the process of knowing which resources are needed for a given project and quickly making those assignments to the resources best suited to complete the job. It will also improve and increase accountability. 


Add Customer Prompt

Project success often depends on customer participation. In projects that fail, a common thread is that not all of the customer organization’s team members have been added to the project. This leads to confusion and delays. 

This newest customer prompt will ask customers to add their team members to the project. This will help ensure all necessary people are actively aware of what work needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and by whom.

Eighty percent of our clients’ customers invited to GUIDEcx participate in the project. This drives value for business because it helps make sure there’s transparency to the right people and increases engagement in the project. The number one cause of project failure is engagement, so we’re proud to have such a high engagement rate and are constantly adding ways to encourage all of your customers to engage in your projects. 


API Enhancements

At GUIDEcx, we’re committed to making sure our product works within your company’s tech stack. We don’t believe in being selfish with your data. We are always making enhancements to our open API to ensure your data and workflows are accessible, usable, and customizable. 

In this release, we’ve added the ability to push and pull all information pertaining to time entries on a project.  We’ve also made it possible to pass custom project information into GUIDEcx and use it dynamically throughout your onboarding process. 


A few more items were released as well. If you’re a GUIDEcx customer, you can find the release notes in your email inbox.


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