CEO Peter Ord Talks Networking at StartFEST


Leading a successful startup business takes dedication, belief, and complete loyalty to see an idea through to completion. Selected to share his years of knowledge and personal experience, Peter Ord, founder and CEO of GUIDEcx, the premier client onboarding software, kicked off the first day of this year’s StartFEST with a session on the topic.

Utah’s original grassroots festival focused on the state’s startup ecosystem, this year’s event was held virtually over the course of two days this June. Opening the event, Ord’s “Get Outside Your Network” gave audience members a behind-the-scenes peek at his life as an entrepreneur. Over the course of his presentation, Ord shared his tried-and-true approach to starting a business from the ground up, including his initial sketches of GuideCX’s product overview and low tech markups and how they led to where he is now: leading a team of more than 60 professionals.

Ord dove into the importance of the feedback phase and why networking is critical to a company’s growth. From bootstrapping to Series A funding to deciphering what LinkedIn can really do for you, Ord inspired those in attendance to begin formulating a roadmap to their own entrepreneurial success.

“When starting a business, there are so many pieces that must be executed. It’s critical for people to understand what really goes into building a brand once an idea is born,” said Ord. “Networking can not only help you strengthen your rolodex of personal contacts to grow with but it’s vital to seeking advice, funding, and assistance as well.”