GUIDEcx Debuts Highly Anticipated Navigator Reporting Engine



GUIDEcx, the world’s top SaaS solution for customer onboarding and implementation, has announced the introduction of a one-of-a-kind enterprise reporting enhancement, designed to simplify project management and customer onboarding as a whole. For the first time ever, the software’s Navigator Reporting Engine will allow users to uncover challenges and highlight strengths across each onboarding project, shortening the critical distance between insight and action.

Six new dashboards offer GUIDEcx users the ability to easily identify important and often neglected components of each project, from scheduling to revenue to critical tasks due. Never before available, an advanced forecasting algorithm works in the background and provides a detailed analysis of which customers are likely to finish onboarding late and which are likely to finish early. Additionally, both the revenue that’s been successfully onboarded as well as what is late or placed on hold for each are thoroughly outlined. Automated reports are generated for managers and leadership, thus avoiding days of the dreaded task of pulling imperfect data together in spreadsheets and emails.

“If you’re running an onboarding team, this is the data you need to see,” said Harris Clarke, chief operating officer at GUIDEcx. “The goal of these reports is to shorten the gap between insight and action, helping you not only see what needs attention, but quickly act on it as well. Now, with GUIDEcx you not only have a purpose-built tool for onboarding your new customers, but you also have standard metrics and forecasting, empowering you to create a better experience for your customers and your internal teams.”

The Navigator Reporting Engine offers a variety of filters, including sorting projects by onboarding project plan or product offering as well as established tags for region and country to analyze the health and trends of each. Meanwhile, project managers can compare and contrast their most successful onboardings to set themselves up for future success. Additionally, a scheduled report delivery ensures all team members, both within and outside the software, have everything they need to know about a project’s health.

“We believe that onboarding is vital to the customer journey, not just a bump in the road they need to get through,” said Harris. “The Navigator allows executives and managers to measure and optimize their onboarding and implementation, including the resulting renewals and referrals, from end to end. You only get one chance to make a great first impression of your product and services, and this fills those blind spots in an executive’s vision.” For more information on GUIDEcx and the newly released Navigator Reporting Engine, visit