Forbes Technology Council: How To Best Manage Your Hybrid Workforce


“As Gartner, Inc. noted, the disruption of Covid-19 ‘has shattered the paradigm of traditional 9-to-5 work at the office,’ leaving business leaders to question the productivity of a new type of workplace. If the pandemic has revealed anything, it’s that work can be done from anywhere. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Wakefield Research and ServiceNow, 87% of workers surveyed reported feeling that the new shift in remote work has been an improvement.

While there are certainly many benefits to providing a hybrid workplace for your employees, work that provides such flexibility must also demand it. With your team spread across time zones and locations, it’s more important than ever for employees to be on the same page and feel connected to one another. Managing a hybrid workforce also means there is more pressure on business leaders to provide a satisfactory and productive work experience for their employees regardless of where they may be located, especially since more and more repetitive tasks can be automated.”

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