GuideCX Receives High Rankings as a Client Onboarding Platform

By Belle Ferro
Aug 11, 2021

As purpose-built products continue to see a steady increase in demand, business professionals from across the world are taking notice of GuideCX. The client onboarding platform has consistently earned a coveted top-ranking position on G2, the world’s top B2B software and services review website.

Recognized within five different feature categories—project management, task management, product management, workflow management, and client onboarding—GuideCX is viewable by millions of G2 users, who are able to determine whether the software fits their needs through authentic reviews written by others. The site’s analytical process allows users to share their experiences with featured products to provide invaluable insight.

The GuideCX G2 interface also features how-to videos, pricing information, and case study downloads. Users are able to search for reviews based on the category as well as their company size and user role. GuideCX consistently uses the reviews to better its features and overall onboarding system.

See what real-life users had to say about the GuideCX customer onboarding process below. 


Client Onboarding:

Project Management:


Task Management:


Product Management:


Workflow Management:

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