GUIDEcx COO Named Finalist for Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame Awards


GUIDEcx is proud to announce that our chief operating officer, Harris Clarke, has been named one of three COO finalists for the newly relaunched Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame & Awards Program. 

Featuring the best of the best corporate Utah leaders and companies from 2021, the awards event marks the return of the Hall of Fame, originally launched in 1999 by the Utah Technology Council. These awards were designed to celebrate “pioneers and breakthrough leaders who have contributed to the ongoing and growing success of Utah and Silicon Slopes.” Finalists represent Utah industries, including aerospace, e-commerce, fashion, healthcare, architecture, and more. 

An Illustrious Career

Harris has served as COO of GUIDEcx since 2018. A standout among the entrants and finalists, he possesses a unique skillset from his decade-plus experience in big data, customer experience, and diplomatic relations. He uses this to unlock insights and provide products aimed at elevating the B2B customer experience.

With time spent working in the software industry and for the State Department and Department of Justice in Washington, DC, Harris has brought his knowledge to the forefront, building best practices that have enabled the GUIDEcx team to deliver world-class service. 

Those efforts were recognized on an even greater level when the company earned the coveted No. 1 ranking on G2’s Relationship Index, beating out household names and other project management tools that have been around for decades.

In addition to the Relationship Index ranking, under Harris’s leadership this past year, the company secured the highest ranking spot out of all client onboarding software solutions on In the rapidly growing, competitive market, the designation allows GUIDEcx to be seen by millions of new users, with a reputation built through honest customer reviews.

Harris also played a pivotal role in launching GUIDEcx’s Navigator Reporting Engine tool in the final quarter of 2021. This one-of-a-kind enterprise reporting enhancement sets the standard for a brand-new category of software by simplifying customer onboarding. By revealing critical metrics at the right time, users are able to uncover challenges and highlight strengths across each onboarding project, shortening the critical metric of time to value and shrinking the distance between insight and action. The widely-received launch has garnered massive approval from business professionals everywhere thanks to its ability to provide standard metrics and forecasting, empowering teams to create a better experience for their customers and internal teams.

A Team Builder

Among his greatest accomplishments, Harris is most proud of building a team that enjoys working together at GUIDEcxX. An anonymous employee Net Promoter Score survey was taken of all members of each of his teams, resulting in an eNPS of 92. According to Heartpace, “generally, a score between 10-30 is considered good while anything near 50 is excellent.” He looks forward to continued momentum in the new year.

GUIDEcx is fortunate to have leadership that orchestrates a balance between visualizing big ideas while also breaking down those ideas into practical, actionable steps. Harris has perfected this management process to ensure the strategies necessary to move the company’s business goals forward are handled efficiently and remain focused on customer-centric processes and growth. 

His leadership style is distinguished by three main strengths: his attention to detail, an infectious connection with people, and an honest understanding of his own limitations. 

Attention to Detail

Harris has a solid, supportive partnership with GUIDEcx CEO Peter Ord to explore growth opportunities while Harris stays in front of the day-to-day details. For example, in December 2021, GUIDEcx launched the Navigator Reporting Engine. Through a series of dashboards, the intelligent analysis tool is set to transform the way companies do business in relation to client onboarding and its long-term effects. 

Using a series of detailed automated reports, the Navigator Reporting Engine offers one-of-a-kind metrics that encompass a project’s overall health, including forecasted early and late deadlines and related revenue. While GUIDEcx is continually evolving with innovative ways for their customers to elevate their organizations, Harris comfortably embraces these new technologies while maintaining the quality of existing features.

“An effective COO acts as an extension of the CEO’s vision and capabilities. Harris has a comprehensive understanding of what we hope to create to elevate this industry in the future,” says Ord. “A good leader can step in and improve operations today. But a true visionary sees the potential in present-day processes for a scalable future. In this way, he truly understands what I hope to achieve while maintaining the integrity of our products and services.”

Textbook People Person

Harris’s ability to connect with people in all capacities of the company reinforces a positive work environment and impactful work culture. Since its inception in 2018, GUIDEcx has disrupted the overall client onboarding and implementation process by creating the most advanced tools for delivering value faster for SaaS clients. As the company carves out a unique niche for SaaS functions, they need a voice that people can trust to navigate innovative pathways while also supporting them. Customers trust Harris’s expertise to ensure an optimal customer experience, and the GUIDEcx team trusts him because he is honest and values integrity in everything he does. 

“When integrity is a core value in an organization, it bridges trust and loyalty within departments, team members, and our customers,” says Sid Ewing, GUIDEcx head of marketing. “Harris’s example and performance as COO is proof of that.”

Reaches Out to Those with Strengths

A confident leader knows the strengths they bring to a company’s processes, but they also recognize their limitations. Harris has a natural ability to collaborate with others who carry unique strengths in areas where he considers himself more of a student—a refreshing and inspirational trait for GUIDEcx team members. 

The company is determined to continue innovating digital-based solutions. That process creates a perpetual learning curve that requires a COO to exercise humility, respect, and personal responsibility to ensure the best ideas are embraced—regardless of the source.

Join us in congratulating Harris for his nomination for Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame COO of the Year, an award he has rightfully earned as he leads our GUIDEcx team through his expertise in seeking out people’s strengths, being a genuine people person, and his maintaining a keen eye for detail.