3 Highlights from GUIDEcx: 10 G2 Summer 2021 Badges


Last month, GUIDEcx received its G2 badges for Summer 2021. Out of the ten badges we received, we want to highlight three things:

Our Categories

GUIDEcx currently ranks as the #1 software for G2’s Client Onboarding category! This is a category created for GUIDEcx with eighteen other software (so far). We’re especially excited about this one because now we finally have a category that’s our specialty!

We are currently a part of four other categories: Project Management, Task Management, Product Management, and Workflow Management. Workflow Management has been the category we have been a part of the longest. Since having the ability to be a part of multiple categories, we’ve been receiving high-ranking badges for over a year now!

We have earned badges for every category at least three times each. Since the Summer of 2020, we’ve received about 86 badges! But who’s counting? We’re most proud of our rank in the Client Onboarding category

Winning Badges for Eleven Consecutive Seasons

We have been ranking for badges for eleven seasons now––it feels like such a long time! Each time, we have received the overall “High Performer” badge. 

We have also earned the “Momentum Leader” badge and “Easiest to Use” badge seven times each! Wow!

“I really like how easy it is to use and how often the company adds new features. The company is also fantastic at taking the feedback they receive from their customers and implementing tools or features based on that customer feedback.” – Drew D

We are constantly coming up with new ideas and taking feedback from customers to make our product a leader in the client onboarding software space. We recently added a Product Roadmap in our app that shows our customers what features we’re planning to enhance and a timeline of when it can be expected. We’re also releasing our Time Tracking and Resource Management features at the beginning of August, which will help forecast project end-dates, increase NPS scores, increase trust, and so much more!

“Users Love Us,” and We Love Our Users!

We have also received the “Users Love Us” badge consistently for eighteen seasons, for multiple categories, dating back to Spring 2017 (when our company was founded)!

Why, might you ask, do users love us? We’ll sum it up:

There’s more accountability when it comes to completing tasks.

“Some of the main benefits we have already seen within our first month are: Increased efficiency for internal processes, greater transparency for customers, increased accountability for internal teams and external customers, and increased efficiency that will help to cut down the length of time it takes for customers to make decisions and reduce our overall build time.” – Cody F

We have a great support system. 

“GUIDEcx is so awesome! I love being able to reach out to the team when needed and receive great information, a friendly chat, or a think tank conversation by phone on how we can use the software to its full advantages.” – John K

We fill the gap between the sale and full usage of a product!

“I love being able to show our clients exactly what is going on and what is going to happen. The ability to have multiple teams internally collaborating on projects has helped us fill in any gaps in the onboarding and handover process. The system is very easy to use and super intuitive.” – Jason G

We are saving companies a lot of time and money. 

“The time isn’t just saved on project creation, but in conversations with the customer. Tasks don’t need to [be] explained and re-explained. The engineer’s valuable time [isn’t] spent holding the customer’s hand. The customer doesn’t have to ask for status or where the project is and neither do they have to ask for an executive overview. It’s all there for them.” – Donnie K

Our Best Reports​

Momentum Leader for Workflow Management. We rank as #4 out of 19.

Momentum Leader in Task Management. We rank as #6 out of 35.

Momentum Leader in Product Management. We rank as #8 out of 34.

Momentum Leader in Project Management. We rank as #12 out of 140.

All Summer 2021 badges:

GUIDEcx strives to smooth the transition from sale to implementation by focusing on the onboarding process. With our platform, companies reduce the time it takes to go live by boosting customer engagement and communication.

The platform’s ability to deliver on the promise it makes to create a more engaging customer experience is one of the reasons we have earned these ongoing distinctions.

For more information on how GUIDEcx works, click here.

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