GUIDEcx is #1 for Client Onboarding on G2 for the Third Time!

By Belle Ferro
Mar 30, 2022

A year after the Client Onboarding category was created on G2—the world’s top B2B services and reviews website—signifying the popularity of client onboarding solutions, GUIDEcx continues to hold steady over our competition. With this week’s release of G2’s annual spring badge designations, our SaaS onboarding was revealed once again as No. 1 in the category.

G2’s millions of reviews are populated by real users from around the world, many of whom have discovered GUIDEcx through the site. In all, GUIDEcx was awarded 21 badges for the season, upped from 14 this past winter. Notably, as GUIDEcx continues to evolve, so too does our new customer experience. Among the badges was a trio marking us as the Most Implementable, Easiest Setup, and Best Usability. 

“The quarterly badge awardings by G2 are so critical in helping us to know what’s working within our company and where we can put more effort into making improvements,” said Peter Ord, founder and CEO of GUIDEcx.

“Receiving honest feedback from users, whether they’re new or have been with us every step of the way over the past few years, is truly invaluable and a big part of why we’ve continued to find ourselves at the top of this category.”

G2 Client Onboarding Grid

Other top distinctions for GUIDEcx this badge season include being ranked No. 1 for Best Relationship in the project management category (out of 118 of its competitors) and No. 1 for Best Relationship in the workflow management category (out of 24 companies). The badges come at a time when GUIDEcx has greatly increased user-friendliness thanks to the rollout of our Navigator Reporting Engine, which forecasts never-before-seen metrics like deadlines and revenues to help better engage internal and external teams.

Using a unique algorithm, G2 combines user reviews with data from online sources and social networks to configure the site’s Customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real time. This spring, GUIDEcx was also ranked on G2’s usability index for client onboarding for Easiest Administration and came in fourth for Quality of Support for enterprise project management.

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