Forbes Technology Council: Three Lessons From The Great Resignation About Customer Service

By Peter Ord
Apr 21, 2022

At this very moment, 87 percent of your team would leave your company for a better offer. Facing a job-seekers market, what measures do you have in place to encourage them to stay? 

Historically, retaining valued employees has been a challenge. Records show 4.4 million Americans left their jobs in September 2021, accelerating a trend known as the Great Resignation. But this latest global sweep feels different.

Recruiting and retaining skilled employees is a constant challenge in the tech industry as well as other areas. My focus, however, isn’t on the number of people who left their jobs but why they left. For instance, one-third of employees say they don’t trust their employers. Many, if not most employees, are uncomfortable speaking to their boss, especially if they have to talk in a private office.

My company’s success depends on providing a positive customer experience backed by a quality product and expertise that nurtures meaningful customer relationships. If I don’t see the value my employees bring to this process, how can I expect them to deliver exemplary service to new customers?

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Peter Ord

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