Forbes Technology Council: Three Automated Client-Onboarding, Project-Management Features Your Clients Will Love

By Peter Ord
Nov 10, 2021

“Has the following scenario ever happened to you?

You are pretty sure you’re this close to completing a milestone phase of a new client onboarding process — on time and within budget. Well done! That is until three team members email their hours from the past two weeks, and they admit that many of their assigned tasks aren’t complete. One team member wasn’t aware they were responsible for two of the tasks, but they promised to ‘get to them very soon.’

A moment ago, you thought onboarding this new client was a slam dunk. Now, you’re getting slammed with doubts about the actual status of open tasks and where the project falls on the timeline.

There are at least three barriers in this scenario that automation can eliminate: better team management, meaningful communication and more aligned resources.”

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Peter Ord

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