Daily Herald: Money Matters: What schools aren’t teaching — but should be


Teachers are amazing! These educators have a great deal of influence in the shaping of our kids, as it falls to them to teach everything from arithmetic to writing to science. And while these are key concepts our children need to be focusing on, there are some additional lessons children should be learning in school. 

“As a parent and an employer, I’ve had the opportunity to see how prepared Utah students are and also observe a few gaps — skills that are taught here and there but that I believe would be well suited for more formal instruction,” says Peter Ord, GUIDEcx CEO. “In my experience, these four topics would help prepare students for professional life and other pursuits they might undertake in the future: building positive relationships in professional settings, project management, interpersonal communication and logic.”

“For students preparing to start down their chosen path in the world, learning specific skills for building positive relationships with clients, colleagues and leaders will serve them well,” says Ord. In addition, students should learn how to manage and coordinate work, improve their interpersonal communication skills, and learn the principles of logic. Learn more about each of these specific skills and how schools should be teaching these important life lessons.

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