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NEOGOV is a high-quality and easy-to-use talent and HR management system. They provide software to the public sector market designed to streamline the hiring, onboarding, and performance evaluation process. The cloud-based management system offers features such as applicant tracking, onboarding, training, and more. They continually strive to become the one-stop shop for public sector organizations looking to streamline their HR processes.


Missing Client Onboarding, Lackluster First Impressions

Relying heavily on notes left from salespeople in Salesforce as their initial client onboarding system, NEOGOV knew there was a better way to make an excellent first impression with their customers. Without a clear onboarding organization or expectations in place, they realized they needed a reliable and repeatable onboarding process—one that would drive success and leave their team and clients more empowered than ever.

The organization knew they needed more-defined strategies and better-organized processes that reflected the power of their platform and set their clients up for success from the get-go. With no standardized expectations or deadlines and no project management systems in place, they weren’t able to track the progress of a project, drive quicker implementations, and provide a seamless customer experience.


Defining Consistent Processes with GUIDEcx

The team turned to GUIDEcx for help, not only with creating a client onboarding process but also instilling project management procedures to improve the entire customer journey. With NEOGOV’s strong HR management software providing such great service, they needed a partner that would help showcase it. That’s exactly what GUIDEcx has allowed them to do.

According to Jinny Kim, project manager at NEOGOV, GUIDEcx has helped them keep everything on track as they drive change and update processes. “One of the best things about GUIDEcx is the time-tracking capabilities they offer,” she says. “We had no data before partnering with them, but now we have clear insight into our implementation time and process data.”

With a clear and efficient timeline in place, now all team members—and clients—have gained access to next steps, specific roles, and their own tasks and deadlines. Best of all, the added transparency with clients came at no additional cost to NEOGOV. GUIDEcx only charges per project manager, which means all external customers have access to the tool for free.


“One of the best things about GUIDEcx is the time-tracking capabilities they offer. We had no data before partnering with them, but now we have clear insight into our implementation time and process data.”

Project Manager


Attaining Continuous Wins and Improvements

Not only did NEOGOV see immediate improvements in their processes because of GUIDEcx, but they have also continued to reap the benefits of the partnership. According to Kim, after some quick training, the team has been able to move through important GUIDEcx features with agility, especially when it comes to automation and project management. “Our team members love GUIDEcx, and our customers are also satisfied with the system,” she says.

Moving forward, NEOGOV is excited to continue experimenting with GUIDEcx and expanding its services. “We’re most excited to start playing around with reporting,” says Kim. “It’ll be great to see our hard work with entering all of this data pay off. The only reason we enter everything is so we can pull it out and analyze it.” So, while GUIDEcx has already empowered NEOGOV to improve their onboarding and project management processes, there is still plenty to come. The onboarding tool provides the foundation for lasting success and continuous improvement.


Ready to Take Client Implementation and Onboarding to the Next Level?

When it comes to your clients, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it’s a great one by inviting, guiding, and engaging internal and customer implementation teams with GUIDEcx. Our platform reduces time to value, creates visibility, and saves time with automation, ensuring project managers and their clients get work done as quickly as possible. 

To learn more about what GUIDEcx can offer to take your organization to the next level, reach out to us online and ask for your free 14-day trial to get started.

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