Kount Cuts Onboarding Time by 43% and Increases Capacity by 40% with GUIDEcx


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Kount provides leading fraud prevention solutions that protect the digital innovations of thousands of global brands. They are recognized as the market leader in digital fraud prevention, with 13 years of data informing their ML/AI models. With patented technology, the software prevents digital payments fraud, new account fraud, and account takeovers, empowering digital businesses, banks, and payment service providers to increase revenue.


Lengthy, Complicated Integrations, Loss of Resources

Prior to using GUIDEcx, Kount’s integrations averaged about 90 to 120 days. Between the need to sift through and create heaps of data and bringing in a developer to help them, integrations were not only challenging to manage but also time-consuming. This meant that Kount was losing valuable time and resources with each implementation. Considering this lost time and resources, they were also missing out on a significant amount of possible revenue.

The Kount team knew they needed to find a solution that not only streamlined the integration process but also allowed for greater visibility. Oftentimes, they were unsure of whether the implementations were so long because of a roadblock in their own workflows or challenges that their customers faced with learning the platform itself.

Kount needed software that was not only simple for their internal team to learn but allowed for customer-facing solutions that kept everyone on track. That’s why they turned to GUIDEcx after searching for solutions extensively. GUIDEcx has provided them with a comprehensive customer partnership, allowing them to identify their weaknesses and improve through the system.


Cutting Average Implementation from 89 to 50 days

After implementing GUIDEcx, Kount has cut their average implementation time by over 43 percent! As a result, they have been able to prove to their customers that they can drive real revenue in their companies sooner. Similarly, while it once took them about four to six months to prepare an implementation manager to run their own onboarding, now each new employee can handle all of their own implementations within 60 days. As a result, their revenue has been pushed forward significantly, enabling them to pay sales members and unlock revenue much earlier in the process to speed up initiatives.

In addition, they were able to sustain rapid implementations with fewer engineers—even when they lost staff members during the Great Resignation—allowing them to function effectively with just one employee instead of four or five. GUIDEcx has even given team leaders the opportunity to check in on progress and identify roadblocks seamlessly, offering visibility into processes that the team didn’t have before. Previously, a single implementation manager could balance about 10 to 12 integrations at once; however, with GUIDEcx, they can average 17 to 20. That’s an increase in capacity of 40 percent! Without hiring additional managers, they can handle more work than ever before. Not only have they already made significant improvements to their processes, but the platform has also given them what they need to continuously adapt and grow.


“With GUIDEcx, we have more data. We can easily identify our problem areas. Growing and maturing isn’t intimidating or overwhelmingly challenging.



Continuously Driving Improvements and Revenue with a Reliable Partner

Kount has done more than unlock greater and faster integrations through the implementation of GUIDEcx: They have found a platform with greater functionality than any form of client onboarding or project management tool they’ve used before. According to Brooke Cantwell, customer experience manager at Kount, past platforms fell flat in providing them with the customer-facing support they needed. “A lot of tools have internal-facing project management for onboarding, but it’s not a customer partnership,” she says. “It’s different with GUIDEcx.”

Looking ahead, Kount looks forward to using GUIDEcx to continuously integrate systems across multiple teams and keep track of what’s going on in a variety of CRMs. This will help them stay on track and focus on the renewal process, as the workflows provided by GUIDEcx help them establish their less-defined processes—whether they are long or short term. “With GUIDEcx, we have more data. We can easily identify our problem areas,” says Cantwell. “Growing and maturing isn’t intimidating or overwhelmingly challenging.”


Ready to Take Client Implementation and Onboarding to the Next Level?

When it comes to your clients, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it’s a great one by inviting, guiding, and engaging internal and customer implementation teams with GUIDEcx. Our platform reduces time to value, creates visibility, and saves time with automation, ensuring project managers and their clients get work done as quickly as possible. To learn more about how GUIDEcx can address your business needs, reach out to us and ask for your free 14-day trial to get started.

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