Meet Our Exec Team: Peter Ord

By Belle Ferro
Oct 29, 2021

Peter Ord’s success with GuideCX is likely tied back to the value he’s placed on building relationships — throughout this personal and professional life. “Relationships are the fuel that accelerate careers and personal progression,” he said. I interviewed him recently to ask what motivates his continued success.


QUESTION: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

ANSWER: A fireman. 


QUESTION: Where have you lived?

ANSWER: I’ve lived in San Clemente, California; San Diego, California; Boise, Idaho; Provo, Utah; Huntington Beach, California; and Draper, Utah.


QUESTION: What are your favorite travel destinations?

ANSWER: Tahiti, Mo’orea is amazing, and I love any backpacking trip.


QUESTION: What are your hobbies or passion projects outside of work?

ANSWER: I love building things, mostly because of the excuse it gives me to buy cool tools. 


QUESTION: Do you volunteer? If so, where?

ANSWER: Currently I volunteer time with high school-age kids in our church group. Activities range from working in soup kitchens to taking them on high adventure backpacking trips.


QUESTION: What is an interesting fact about you?

ANSWER: I’m a girl dad to four amazing daughters and I’m already getting gray hairs about who they will end up marrying.


QUESTION: What was your very first job?

ANSWER: Framing homes during the summers when I was in high school.


QUESTION: What was the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in life so far?

ANSWER: The greatest offense is to take offense when no offense was intended.


QUESTION: What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

ANSWER: Starting a company, GuideCX, that my friends are willing to help grow.


QUESTION: What makes you unique in your profession?

ANSWER: I got my degree in construction management and now apply the principles of “Construction Scheduling” to any business that has a complex onboarding process much like the complexity of managing a home build between a homeowner, contractor, designers, and sub-contractors.


QUESTION: If you could give a younger person some career advice, what would it be?

ANSWER: Relationships are the fuel that accelerate careers and personal progression. There is something to learn from everyone you meet… the art of identifying what that is and applying it to your life as fast as possible should be an ongoing focus.


QUESTION: What is your favorite part about working for GuideCX?

ANSWER: The deep lifelong relationships I’ve had the opportunity to create with those that I work with on a daily basis… When you are in the “Startup battle” with someone every day, the friendship that is forged in the fire of battle is unlike any other. 


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