5 Ways GUIDEcx Can Improve Efficiency with Customer Onboarding

Aug 11, 2022

In the face of fluctuations in the stock markets, increasing interest rates, and economic contraction, uncertainty abounds. It’s never been more important to do more with less. This economic atmosphere presents unique challenges when it comes to deciding how to run a business, where to go in the future, and where to invest and divest (tools, personnel, campaigns) to protect and grow your business in a difficult climate.

GUIDEcx firmly fits in a spot where it can help you optimize your business, gain efficiencies, and do more with less. GUIDEcx helps you optimize and automate your client onboarding process, leading to an increase in client satisfaction without increasing personnel or workload. Here are 5 ways GUIDEcx can improve efficiency.

1. Level Up Your Customer Experience

The importance of providing an amazing customer experience cannot be overstated. Qualtrics Founder, Ryan Smith has said: “Today with the rise of the internet/social media/online reviews companies are disproportionately rewarded when they provide a great customer experience and absolutely punished when they do not.” Having a solid product that delivers real value is, of course, essential, but what customers remember the most is their experience with the company. Potential clients are accustomed to shopping around, trying out demos, and interacting with customer support teams. There’s usually no shortage of competitors they’re researching and trying out. Making the onboarding process simple, easy, and intuitive while providing positive personal interactions is often what ends up sealing the deal.

GUIDEcx makes providing a world-class customer experience simple. Everyone works together on the same level to provide a great and efficient onboarding experience.

2. Automate Communication

One of the biggest causes of project delay or failure is a breakdown in communication. Client onboarding is often a complicated process and can involve many stakeholders and moving parts. As long as people are the driving force behind the communication, mistakes will happen—someone will forget to send an email or miss important document deadlines. That’s why it’s important to automate as much of the communication as possible. 

Harris Clarke, COO of GUIDEcx, has seen this first hand. He said, “When helping a new customer get up and running, we always wanted to know: ‘does everybody know what we’re currently working on, what we’ll do next, and when we need to be wrapped up? Was the right audience copied on that email?’ We spent so much time keeping people updated and making sure the right person knows the right information at the right time.”

With automated messages, emails, and communication, the right person gets notified as soon as they are needed in the onboarding process. GUIDEcx provides tons of helpful automation features such as automated dependency logic, which sends out assignments when the dependent tasks are complete, group task tracking, workflow management, and resource management. With the help of these automation features, communication becomes automatic, and needless delays are eliminated, drastically increasing efficiency.

Kount is a perfect example of a client who saw a dramatic increase in efficiency after they started using GUIDEcx. Prior to using GUIDEcx, Kount’s integrations averaged around 90 to 120 days. After implementing GUIDEcx, Kount reduced its average implementation time by over 43%. In addition, Kount saw a 40% increase in workload capacity for their implementation managers. 

3. Forecast Risk

Knowing what’s coming can feel like a superpower for your internal team and provide a level of comfort to your customers. Typically, when a package arrives late, you know ahead of time. The same should be true for your customers in onboarding. Help them know if you are ahead of schedule or behind schedule. GUIDEcx automates this process and frees up bandwidth for your teams to add helpful context for the reasons and plans. Anyone who works in the SaaS industry knows that customer churn can quickly become a serious problem for a business. GUIDEcx believes many instances of customers leaving can be prevented by setting the right expectations early in the journey.

With GUIDEcx, you can see which clients haven’t reached onboarding milestones or engaged with your onboarding plan, automatically calling out late tasks, upcoming tasks, etc. By flagging early signs that a client isn’t happy or that the software or service isn’t meeting their needs, your team can take proactive measures to address these things, and a customer that might have otherwise canceled their service remains a loyal customer. GUIDEcx forecasting helps increase the efficiency of customer retention activity by flagging risks early.

4. Optimize Team Bandwidth

The misallocation of resources, namely time, can leave some members of the onboarding team feeling overworked while leaving others without much on their plates. Managing and optimizing team bandwidth is essential to getting more done with less. Another possibility is that one team member is using more resources than they were allotted and eating into resources needed by other team members. 

GUIDEcx has features that help track and optimize team bandwidth so teams can see who has bandwidth and who doesn’t. This way, every team member is aware of their impact, and you can better plan for the scope of the onboarding process. GUIDEcx’s robust resource management and time-tracking features are perfectly suited for optimizing and tracking team bandwidth, leading to increased efficiency.

5. Generate Analytics to Measure Efficiency

Everyone wants to be as efficient as possible, but how do you know if you’ve actually increased efficiency? “A brand must start measuring efficiency in order to improve it,” according to Harris,  “If you are currently measuring your onboarding efforts, you can start to do exciting things. If you’re not, start right away.” GUIDEcx can generate analytics that can be used to measure efficiency and make data-driven decisions to increase it. 

One of GUIDEcx’s newest features is the navigator reporting engine. This industry-leading feature allows you to identify trends, evaluate projected onboarding revenue, forecast project end dates, schedule report delivery, and improve your onboarding process. 

With a focus on efficiency, you can keep your clients satisfied, maximize your resources, and do more with less. If you want to increase your efficiency, take advantage of GUIDEcx’s free trial and see for yourself what increased efficiency can look like for your business.


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