3 Ways to Transform Your Healthtech Onboarding Process

By Todd White
Oct 26, 2021
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There’s nothing like a pandemic to turn the world’s attention to the growing importance and dependence on the healthtech industry. 

As we all work to combat and recover from COVID-19, we’ve witnessed a surge in healthcare technology as we observe vaccine development, advances in at-home rapid testing, and the research surrounding healing treatments. So it shouldn’t be surprising that, for the third quarter of 2021, digital health companies scored $6.7 billion across 169 investment deals. Investors are continuing to bet big on healthcare innovation

Fully embracing digital transformation, healthcare companies are now paying attention to the value that technology can provide for better patient care and cost savings. When working with these medical companies, it’s vital that the healthtech onboarding process matches the level of digital implementation those clients expect. 

When doing this, consider the creation of your onboarding plan, the benefits of automation, and how to best communicate throughout the process. 


Create an Onboarding Plan

The healthtech industry moves at lightning pace, and time is vital when it comes to caring for patients. Most providers, administrators, and clinics don’t have the luxury of time to spend on a long, drawn-out onboarding process. 

Establish a strong, clearly outlined onboarding plan. It should offer the client full transparency, clear timelines, and detailed tasks throughout the process. This will allow for a quick transition. A fully executed onboarding plan that features all these qualities will also help reduce client churn. 

GUIDEcx CEO and founder Peter Ord outlined how creating detailed task descriptions when you create an onboarding project template can improve the process: 

You make the onboarding process simple and frictionless for your customers—and easier on yourself. When you’re in a hurry to get things going it’s tempting to rush this step, but take the time to set this up properly. Remember, you only need to do it once. All future projects that use the template will include your task descriptions.


Utilize Automation

One of the biggest challenges in the healthtech industry is the lack of time. On the clinical side, providers need to spend time with patients, and on the administrative side, there is a multitude of time-consuming demands. Automating the onboarding process and streamlining the items needed from the healthtech client allows you to quickly deliver without putting undue stress on your new clients and ultimately reducing the time to value. As I’ve explained in a similar blog post,

Automating operational and administrative tasks can offset some of the healthcare providers’ challenges while delivering a better patient experience, improved quality of medical service, reduced risk of noncompliance, and lowered costs.

Today’s healthcare organizations need strategic ways to reduce maintenance costs while increasing revenue to focus on better patient care. Collaborating with a trusted healthtech partner to implement onboarding strategies that facilitate automating tasks geared to improve business and healthcare outcomes is a healthy first step toward innovative patient care.


Focus on Constant Communication

Setting up systems of regular communication with your new healthtech client will vastly improve the onboarding process. With GUIDEcx, you get a tool that

  • sends automated reports to key team members,
  • allows you to create tasks for both your internal team and the client,
  • offers transparency for everyone, and
  • creates real-time projections for onboarding completion based on progress.

Using a software that has these capabilities baked in eliminates the need to constantly send manual email updates. The information can be delivered automatically, ensuring all teams clearly understand expectations, tasks, and the next steps in the process.

When looking to onboard a healthtech client, streamline your processes by creating a thought-out onboarding plan, adopting automation, and promising clear communication. 

Todd White


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