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AgriSync is a customer service platform designed to help agricultural businesses and equipment dealers with ticketing and remote support, allowing them to streamline the way they collaborate internally. The AgriSync team believes that the human piece is essential to the success of modern agribusiness, working with their clients to ensure that it has its greatest impact. 


Lengthy and Expensive Processes

When AgriSync began growing and bringing on more customers than ever before, they soon realized they needed more onboarding support to help create the best client experience possible, as well as allocate their resources well. Initially, their onboarding and implementation processes would require at least two to three months of highly involved service for each customer, which meant their sales team worked directly with each customer to make sure they completely understood their platform. 

With so much white glove service expected for every new client, AgriSync spent more time on each implementation than what was optimal from a resourcing perspective. That’s why, when it came to time to look for onboarding software, their main goal was to facilitate a more hands-off process. With custom templates and full transparency from GUIDEcx, they were able to do just that.


Accessing Custom-Built, Tailored Templates and Intuitive Support

GUIDEcx has offered more than an excellent onboarding experience for every AgriSync customer. The platform has also provided the chance for the team to reassess their processes and create tailored templates—without the extensive personal support they were spending time on before. These project templates have enabled the AgriSync team to take a step back and customize their onboarding approach with each customer. GUIDEcx’s custom templates are designed to not only help with project management but also streamline the client onboarding process by providing the exact capabilities each partner needs. For AgriSync, that meant having all tasks entered into the templates, while having the ability to customize for each client. Creating a few different templates for different types of customers or features needed ensured the customer a great ROI after onboarding using the project tasks to set up their accounts correctly.  

Now, with GUIDEcx, every client can go through onboarding without AgriSync’s immediate, ongoing support. And best of all, AgriSync hasn’t compromised on any of the white glove service that the team provided before. According to Cheri Klussendorf at AgriSync, “Some customers need hand holding. With GUIDEcx, we don’t have to disrupt our processes to help them. On the platform, each task is a specific feature, you can still offer white glove service, and scheduling meetings only involves the click of a button.”


“Some customers need hand holding. With GUIDEcx, we don’t have to disrupt our processes to help them. On the platform, each task is a specific feature, you can still offer white glove service, and scheduling meetings only involves the click of a button.”



Continuously Ensuring Every Customer Has an Excellent Experience

By partnering with GUIDEcx and taking advantage of their custom templates, AgriSync has been able to ensure that every customer loves working with them and benefits from their onboarding experience. Since the implementation of GUIDEcx, the team has onboarded around 30 customers, all of whom have gone through the process at their own pace and learned to use AgriSync more efficiently. This independence and visibility have meant that clients have taken the driver’s seat and driven their own understanding of their investment.

The new templates are also intuitive and easy to understand, enabling clients to visualize exactly what they need to do in order to be successful. They have the complete ability to go through it when it’s best for them. AgriSync has seen a significant improvement in the adaptation of their platform: Clients are more likely to not only start the process but also come back to it and finish it. Every collaborator who wants access to the templates and onboarding process has it—at no additional cost.

“Everything is so much easier with GUIDEcx. Originally, it was hard to get in the swing of the different scenarios we had to support with our customers.” said Klussendorf. “Now, we have GUIDEcx to work with us on anything we need support with, whether it’s branding or creating a wonderful customer experience.”


Ready to Take Client Onboarding to the Next Level?

When it comes to your clients, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure it’s a great one with GUIDEcx. Our platform gives you the capability to invite, guide, and engage internal and customer implementation teams. This enables organizations everywhere to reduce time to value, create visibility, and save time and money with automation. Ensure project managers and their clients get work done as quickly as possible by partnering with us.


To learn more about what GUIDEcx can offer to take your organization to the next level, reach out to us online and ask for your free 14-day trial to get started.

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