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Whatever new client implementation and onboarding problem you are facing, we have helped someone solve it. Check out these case studies to see how GuideCX addresses common implementation and onboarding challenges. Not finding your industry or use case? Contact us. We can help.

Epion Health Beats Onboarding Timeline by 60 Days with GUIDEcx

WHO IS EPION HEALTH?In tracking client onboarding timelines, Epion recognized that onboarding deadlines that were stretched or missed were dramatically impacting the quality of patient care including providing earlier detection, and preventative treatment measures...

AgriSync Builds Custom Templates and Streamlines Customer Support

WHO IS AGRISYNC?AgriSync is a customer service platform designed to help agricultural businesses and equipment dealers with ticketing and remote support, allowing them to streamline the way they collaborate internally. The AgriSync team believes that the human piece...