Epion Health Beats Onboarding Timeline by 60 Days with GUIDEcx


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In tracking client onboarding timelines, Epion recognized that onboarding deadlines that were stretched or missed were dramatically impacting the quality of patient care including providing earlier detection, and preventative treatment measures that could save a patient’s life. If a go live date is missed, this results in the client missing patient information, inaccuracy in data and clinical information, and a loss in quality measures. In addition, a missed go-live date affects overhead costs and revenue. According to Ann Mooney, the Head of Implementation at Epion Health, “If a client takes two months longer to go live, that’s 60 days worth of patients they missed getting quality measures on. This affects their reimbursements from the payers/insurance, and that leaves revenue on the table the longer it takes.”

Epion needed to streamline their onboarding system while still providing their clients with the autonomy they prefer. In order to properly track deadlines and progress towards meeting those deadlines, Epion needed a system that provided transparency in terms of team ownership, client responsibilities, and progress towards completion. In addition, Epion needed to maintain their concierge customer service approach without making clients feel like they were being “herded” through the process.

Read the full case study to learn how Epion Health improved their onboarding efficiency, including beating a customer onboarding timeline by 60 days with GUIDEcx!

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