Introducing the New Navigation Rail

By Danni Thaw
Feb 27, 2023

Here’s What’s New with Navigation

We’re thrilled to introduce the new navigation rail within the GUIDEcx web application! Here at GUIDEcx, we’re always iterating and improving based on customer feedback. These updates to our navigation not only increase efficiency for customers but also provide a clean, modern user experience.

Enhanced White Labeling

The navigation rail now reflects your company color and logo! You can customize the look and feel of the navigation rail through white label settings within the app.

More Efficient Navigation

We’ve added Global Search, Notifications, and @Mentions to the new navigation rail for quick and easy user access. 

Access “Company Details” by clicking your company logo or navigate directly to a specific page in “Company Details” by clicking the new three-dot menu at the top of the navigation rail. 

To streamline the navigation rail, we’ve also moved less frequently used pages like Brands, to the three-dot menu.  

Optimized Viewing Experience


Users can collapse the navigation rail to maximize their screen view. Any icon labels will appear when hovered over. 

New Timber Design System 

The GUIDEcx design team has been hard at work building a brand-new design system: Timber. 

This new navigation will allow our GUIDEcx design team to incorporate Timber elements throughout the application to boost performance and improve user experience.  

This year, our design team is focused on providing GUIDEcx users with…  

  • A more modern look and feel throughout the application 
  • Consistency across the user experience 
  • Increased user efficiency and faster navigation 
  • Application performance increases 

Stay Tuned for Additional Updates!

This year, our team is focused on designing a more delightful onboarding experience that makes your implementations easier and more effective. Stay tuned for additional user interface updates throughout the year! 

Want a Closer Look at GUIDEcx?

One of our expert Guides can give you a personalized tour of the application and share how GUIDEcx can help you save hours every day. 


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