Introducing Advanced Time Tracking for Customer Onboarding

By Corey AmEnde
Jan 5, 2023

We continue to iterate on our products to provide the best possible customer onboarding solution to our clients.

After an extensive beta period, we’re excited to release enhancements to our Time Tracking experience on January 9. Check out what’s new to help you optimize ROI, set proper expectations with customers, and improve operational efficiency! 

“One of our goals with advanced time tracking was to make it fade into the background and become a natural part of your workflow, said Jon Niu, senior product designer with GUIDEcx. “With the time-saving additions and redesign of the way time is entered, along with time entry being triggered upon task completion, it has never been easier to track time against your tasks and projects.”

Billing Profiles

Custom billing profiles can be configured for any package or service you might offer in Company Details > Settings, and are then selectable when creating a project for easy time tracking and billing. Specify allotted hours and rate (depending on billing type):

  •       Flat Fee: Set a flat fee for a project 
  •       Hourly –  Single Rate: Charge a standard, hourly rate for time worked on projects
  •       Hourly – Categorized Rate: Charge for time worked on projects, but hourly rate depends on type of work 

Use custom billing profiles to: 

  •       Standardize and cut down set up time for repeatable projects 
  •       Set proper expectations with your customers regarding rates and allotted hours
  •       Bill overages if you choose to charge an additional rate for hours overs worked beyond allotted hours


“By utilizing our advanced time tracking, you can see both the cost and profitability of each individual project,” Niu explained. “Utilizing our Billing Profiles will make it even quicker to add profitability metrics to your projects and enable advanced reporting capabilities.” 


Categories are relocating to Company Details. Set up categories with custom rates based on type of work performed to allow for more billing flexibility, and track both billable and non-billable time to understand all costs associated with onboarding. If you are currently using categories for time tracking, these will be automatically transferred to their new home in Company Details > Settings.

Time Editing Options

Admins and managers can set time editing privileges in company settings. New options include: 

  •       Users may edit Time Entries for current month only 
  •       Users may edit Time Entries for inflight projects only

Time Entry

  • Enter exact minutes and see # of hours logged for the week in the redesigned time entry modal
  • Users can now add time to a project by clicking the 3-dot menu on the top right of the project plan page, or on an individual task in the project plan 
  • In the Time Entry Sheet, you’ll now see group or event tasks you’re a participant on 

Reporting and Insights

Newly added reporting helps you identify how efficient your team is, where most time is being spent, and project probability factoring in load cost. 

  •       Advanced Time Tracking Report (found in Reports):
    • Features Hours Worked by Task, Hours Worked Trendline, Hours Worked by Category, Hours Worked by Person, Hours Worked by Project, Average Cost per Project, and Average Cost per Template.
  •       Project Overview: View hours, costs, billing, and profit for your project

Try GUIDEcx for Free!

After geeking out on all of the cool Time Tracking features, are you ready to give GUIDEcx a try? Take GUIDEcx for a test drive with our 14-Day Free Trial. The free trial period includes:

  • Kickoff call
  • Personalized tour of the platform
  • Next steps for 14-Day Trial access


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