GUIDEcx Launches Project Team Builder Feature Designed for Onboarding Success


The new feature offers ease and speed to ensure all internal work is accounted for.

GUIDEcx, the top-ranked client onboarding software, is continuing to improve the functionality of its platforms for business professionals with the implementation of its new Project Team Builder feature. Created to ensure greater accountability through role designation, the addition will assist project managers in quickly building the support system needed to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Offering never-before-experienced ease, Project Team Builder will offer administrators and project managers the ability to ensure all internal tasks are assigned to a team member. Assignments can be developed based on project functions within templates instead of one-off or bulk editing. With just two clicks, all associated tasks can be assigned to a selected person in a simplified timeframe, ensuring each role is covered.

“At the beginning of any given project, you’re thinking about the ‘what,’ ‘when’ and ‘who’ in terms of owning work and making sure it’s completed on time. With the Project Team Builder, all of that can now be set up within minutes,” said Peter Ord, founder and CEO of GUIDEcx. “The system is designed to narrow down individuals based on their capabilities and ensure that no ball is dropped.”

Another new feature that GUIDEcx users can now take advantage of is its Calendar Sync. Prior to the just-launched release, users would manually invite and assign users to tasks before logging in separately to their calendars to coordinate the two. The tool now offers the benefit of seamless integration of a GuideCX project with Outlook and Google Calendar, including event and group tasks. When paired with Project Team Builder, it creates efficiency for all team members to work in tandem.

Project Team Builder will only be available for users within GUIDEcx’s enterprise platform, utilizing advanced resource management. Training and best practices on Project Team Builder are now available. To sign up, visit