Forbes: How to Turn Your Imperfections into Superpowers


In an industry as ever-changing as the technology industry, the secret to success is not to become perfect but to instead use our imperfections to develop superpowers. There are three ways in which you can pivot your weaknesses and make them strengths:

Learn to Trust. In every organization, you will be given certain tasks to complete. If you trust in the leadership and focus on the long term, you will inevitably see growth in your career.

Allow for Failure. Do you allow your employees the ability to fail? And when they do, are you providing them with the proper support? When employees feel empowered to make mistakes, they take risks, which leads to innovation.

Try Again. When failure does occur, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the method or people involved were wrong. Sometimes, it means we need to try again and again with innovation. This can lead to powerful tools and services being introduced into the market. Don’t be afraid to try again.

No one is perfect. We all have weaknesses and struggles. When we harness them, we can turn our imperfections into strengths. 

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