Daily Herald Money Matters: The Power of Believing in Your Team


You cannot underestimate the power of someone who believes in you; however, sometimes employers don’t believe in their employees, and that can negatively affect the entire company culture. This article discusses three transformative approaches that can improve the happiness and productivity of your team members.

Learn how to help employees enjoy their work. When a leader believes in their team, the team becomes more likely to have a positive, can-do attitude about work. They are also much more likely to work harder and longer to get the job done.

Help your team succeed. Leaders who believe their employees are exceptional tend to get exceptional results. By contrast, leaders who believe their employees are average tend to get average results.

Give them the support to help them provide a positive customer experience. All teams provide a form of customer service as part of their jobs, either directly to customers or to their colleagues. When employees know that someone believes in them, they instinctively search for and find the higher-level purpose and value behind their work. Those who do consistently deliver an incredible customer experience.

Creating this culture of confidence begins at the top. Learn more about how to design this winning culture.

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