Three Onboarding Keys to Reduce Churn (Webinar)
By Todd White
Jul 23, 2020
reduce churn

The #1 cause of churn? A bad implementation.

The last thing a new customer wants to do is leave your company before they even get to use what they bought! So where’s the breakdown?

If our implementations are confusing, elongated, and unpredictable, our customers will leave.

The Solution

We partnered with Ethan White, co-founder of Wayland Partners, to share with you three keys for improving your implementation and reducing churn right away.

You’ll walk away with strategies for:

    1. How to get specific and actionable with metrics
    2. Finding processes worth automating
    3. Using predictors to track customer loyalty

You can also check out our slide deck or jump over to our Webinar FAQ for any questions you have. We’d love to talk more with you!

Todd White

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